Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Wow!! Another hot morning !! After chores on my walk I had a sweat shower in the morning heat and humidity.
The last couple mornings as I checked out the Robin's nest under the shed I was worried because there was no one there. But on my first pass this morning  this is what I saw.
This could mean only one thing, BABIES !!
On the next pass I focused my camera and tapped on the wall beside me and this little mouth opened wide ready for another of those juicy red worms.
I saw at least 2 babies in there as I watched mama and daddy Robin busily feeding and guarding the nest.
By the time I got back inside my clothes were damp with sweat and I don't walk that hard believe me!
I left a few minutes early to pick up g-son to go by a local strawberry field to pick up some berries.
I was kind of disappointed in them as the hail storm I drove through last week hit his fields and bruised the berries pretty badly but they still tasted good they just have to be eaten quickly.

After lunch I baked cakes while g-son played . His mom picked him up to go to his first swimming lesson at the YMCA today at 3:00.
The sun is hot today and I got 2 loads of laundry hung in the solar dryer.
There is passing clouds but they don't look as threatening as they did yesterday and we got no rain today.
My  Rhododendrum  is finally blooming but won't last long in this heat !!
These giant leaf hosta's are really doing good so far this year.
That is a regular size varigated hosta behind the giant leaves. I have had these many years and have looked for some more of them but haven't been able to find any like them.

With the 6 caramel,2 chocolate, 2 pound and 1 wine finished baking I dusted the house and cleaned off the porches.
Whew 86 degrees this afternoon, feels like July instead of May. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come this year with the unseasonally warm winter and spring ????
I iced cakes this evening before chores so I could get them wrapped early. I need the kitchen to cool down before bedtime !!
 I simply refuse to turn the air conditioner on in May !!!
After weekly paperwork was done and the bills were payed I took a blogging break.
Thankful for the blessings God gave me today and praying for His presence as I go through tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Unbelievable weather, isn't it, Marilyn???? We drove down toward Tullahoma today--and their temperature was supposed to get up to about 90. Here at home, our high was about 82.... We have lots of fans blowing in the house tonight...

We usually don't turn on the AC in the house here until about August. I have a feeling that we'll turn it on much sooner this year.... GADS!


Gail said...

The weather is scary. The strawberries were three weeks earlier, all different flowers growing at the same time and the wasps are building close to the edge of things...Marcy says this means dry hot weather. I sure hope she's wrong. We are already bone dry.