Thursday, May 31, 2012


The bright sunshine shining through the bedroom windows woke me before the alarm this morning. I really miss waking to the bird songs outside these windows but with the air conditioner on the windows are shut.
I hurried through chores and got ready for market before the heat of the day sets in.
On time for market but the customers were slow to come in. I did have a decent day after about mid morning.
But now it is 1:00 and I'm looking at empty aisles and most of the sellers have called it a day.
Some folks are really getting discouraged with the low sales volume but I'm just thankful that I sell what I do and am happy with the free time not baking so much gives me !
After market I ran weekly errands and headed home to rest before chore time.
This is the last day of May and it has been an up and down month.
We had a wedding of a dear friend and cousin's son at the beginning of the month and then had her funeral at the end of the month to remind us just how precious life is and how in an instant it can be taken away.
The wild weather of this month proved to be a point of conversation almost everyday , as the heat keeps everyone guessing what the summer is going to be like. We had hail storms, torrential rain storms, 2 named tropical storms already in the Atlantic,one just short of a hurricane by 4 mph wind speed.Hurricane season starts tomorrow and we are already to the "C" on the name list !

#2 son looked at several houses but hasn't found anything he likes yet. However he did find some renters for his house and is going to move somewhere by July 1st so they can move in. He continues to work long hours at the PO, often 70+ hours a week.
#1 son really likes his new job and with his new shorter hours he put up a storage building and built a new deck on the front of their house this month. He went from being a groomsman at his cousin/friend's wedding to being a pallbearer at same cousin/friend's mom's funeral.
D-in-love is job hunting and has had some disapointments and good news in her search but ends the month the same as it began.
Daughter broke up with her boyfriend after their 4 month relationship and is working steadily at her regular job along with dog sitting and baking. She got some more yard work done at her house and finished a lovely flagstone walkway.
Hubbie has had a routine month this May, went to the foot doctor with a painful heel and found out he has plantar facitis.
I have had a pretty routine month also, baking, cleaning,taking care of g-son, watching chicks hatch,enjoying spring flowers and eating early garden vegetables. Market has been slow but okay.
Humbly thanking God for the blessings He has given me and my family during this month of May 2012 and look forward to what He has ahead of us in June 2012.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Nice how you give a monthly recap... I enjoy reading about your busy family... BUT--all of you love each other and take for each other, no matter how busy you are. THAT is GOOD....

We have some rain (maybe severe) coming this way tonight/tomorrow. We need RAIN --but don't want anything severe. Our Lilies and Daylilies and Roses are all showing off now.

Hope tomorrow is a good day for you--and for us.

Susie Swanson said...

You kept up with it quite well..It has beena busy spring..Hope you have a nice weekend..Susie