Friday, June 1, 2012


The first day of June feels more like early spring as the clouds are thick and the temperature stayed in the low 70's all day.
We got a brief rain shower over night but didn't get any today,although it looked threatening all day.
I took Dolly to the groomer this morning and while she was there I baked cakes,6 caramel, 5 chocolate,1 coconut, 3 pound and 4 wine cakes.
Just after lunch they called to say Dolly was ready to come home.
She looks like a princess and somehow she knows it as she prances around the house !

I did some inside housecleaning this afternoon and watered all the inside plants.
Late this afternoon the sun finally managed to peek through the clouds but a breeze kicked up and really cooled things off.
I finally have pics of all my garden jubilee purchases from last Saturday.
This is the moon vine I bought for only $7 ,which I thought was a real bargain.
This is the rain gauge I bought just because it was so pretty,not that I needed another gauge !!
It looks good in this pot of blooming Lavender.

This is the purple Wandering Jew plant I got for a couple bucks.
Not nearly as much as I usually buy at this sale but I thought most of the prices were high,plus the heat discouraged a lot of carrying. But we did have fun looking.
Oops I forgot my rooster planter, I will photograph that when I get a plant to go in it.
Tonight I iced cakes and packed everything up to get an early start in the morning on Old Timey Day at market.
Thankful for the blessings of the day and for His everlasting love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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