Sunday, June 3, 2012


Feeling more like normal this morning thankfully but not quite up to attending church service today as I still don't know how my stomach will react when I eat something.
After chores I ate one of g-son's cinnamon waffles and had a cup of hot tea. While the house was all mine I caught up on yesterday's blog writing and reading, then cleaned up in the kitchen.
Hubbie came home from church to say that only #2 son would be here for lunch so we fixed spaghetti and salad. I only had some noodles with parmesan cheese sprinkled on them, still keeping it bland !
After lunch hubbie and I went to do the shopping I didn't do yesterday, Aldi, Tractor Supply, Walmart and Sams were on our list of stops for groceries,baking supplies,chicken feed and bird feed. As we were leaving Tractor Supply with almost $60 worth of feathered friends feed,hubbie said those birds better be glad for you !!
Back home we went down to #2 son's to photograph some furniture he wants me to put on craigslist for him and found an old glass top wicker table in his shed that he didn't want any longer. I knew daughter would want it for her back porch so hubbie and I loaded it up and took it over to her house. I hadn't seen her new walkway that she and hubbie fixed a couple weeks ago.

This is what it used to look like.
It is amazing how much different and better her house looks now than it did when she first bought it last fall.
I took this photo tonight as we left about 7:30.

This is what it looked like last September just after she bought it.
She has put a lot of sweat equity into her place and it has payed off nicely.

As I did chores tonight I enjoyed the coolness of the evening air once again. A winter like pattern has set up over the northeast and is dropping temperatures well below normal up there.
Our temps will be normal to below normal for most of the week.
Wow it is 9:00 and I just shut up my chickens , darkness is coming later and later each night.
Saying prayers tonight for healthy check-ups for both hubbie and me tomorrow as we both have dr's appointments on a time schedule so we can alternate time watching g-son.
God Is so good all the time !!
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Sorry you have been sick. Glad you feel better today... Please take care of yourself.

We thought we were going to get some rain tonight/tomorrow--but now it looks like it will go south of us.. We need rain!!! BUT--I don't want anything severe.

Love these temperatures, don't you??? We did get up into the high 70's today--but almost no humidity... NICE!!!!

Love your daughter's home. She (and you all) have done alot to improve it. We are beginning the process to sell George's Dad's house in Hendersonville (TN).... BIG job --since that house is totally full of JUNK!!!! ha