Sunday, June 10, 2012


Woke to cloudy skies but no rain yet.
A neighbor yesterday gave me some more of these pretty blue hydrangeas and they made a lovely bouquet for the communion table at church this morning.
After church we had everyone here for lunch except d-in-love who is playing violin at her dad's restaurant this afternoon.
This is one of those proverbial "ox in the ditch" Sunday's for us. With 3 days of predicted rain on the way and a machine that has to be returned tomorrow morning it was a working Sunday.
#1 son finished clearing off the hill between our upper and lower pastures.
Hubbie sowed grass seed on the steeper parts of the grading projects and then helped #2 son with some of his hand clearing he is doing before he moves.
Daughter,g-son and I made a grocery trip to Ingles and then g-son and I took the afternoon off.
He surrounded himself with things to do and I got a well deserved day of rest.
We played and rested until it was time to take him to children's choir practice  at church.
The rain held off all day except some light sprinkles but it has been another cool day with temps in the low 70's.
After chores I sat out in the sunroom and watched the birds flock to the feeders for their supper.It's funny to watch some of the parent birds feeding babies as big as they are.

In my June decade picture quest I only found one photo marked June 1972.
 This is a photo of the house I was raised in. My dad built the entire house mostly from trees cut from our property. The inside walls were all paneled with knotty pine boards.
That is my aunt Carol and uncle Bob from Michigan's car parked in front at that time. They usually visited us every summer. Aunt Carol was one of my mom's sisters.

As I sit here tonight I can't keep from thinking back over the last 2 years on this date at the hospital visits of the last 2 years.  On June 10,2010 ,#1 son had an accident while jumping on a trampoline with g-son that kept him hospitalized from this date until July 8,2010.
Then last year on the anniversary of the accident he had surgery to completely re-do the original botched surgery. It is about 9:45 right now and for both those years I was sitting in a hospital at this time. Although last years re-do was a God send and has served as one of those God sent miracles for son who now walks even  limp free.
I praise God tonight for earth angels and for God's graciousness that He pours out for me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Wow ---what a nice home. Your Dad was a great man to have built the house from trees on your property... How awesome is that!!!! Is that house still there?

Yes, I remember going through all of that horrible stuff which your son went through for a long time.. Glad he is finally doing well... Yes---life gives us the bad with the good. It's all about how we accept it and keep a good attitude during those times... Thanks be to God.

We had drizzles this morning and then it was cool and cloudy ALL day... We need rain --so I hope we get more.


NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, I remember the entire nightmare well. I'm so glad he got to Mission and all turned out well despite having such a terrible year.