Thursday, June 14, 2012


Got to market on time after hurriedly going through chores and getting the van loaded. Daughter is meeting me there today as yesterday was her last day of work at the school for a month. She is going to work for a neighbor in his blackberry business while she is off.
After we got set up she left and I sold pretty well today with the few customers that came in. The weather is perfect this morning,sunny and comfortable about 77 degrees so far today.
I am thankful to have a few minutes this morning to catch up yesterday's blog and catch up reading my blog friends adventures on their blogs.
After market I ran regular errands and did baking supply and grocery shopping on my way home.
I got home around 4:00 and unloaded the van and switched some things around in my supply cabinets downstairs to the new cabinet #2 son gave me the other night.
When things I use are on sale I try to stock up so I need an enclosed cabinet to keep them in and he had a nice wardrobe that he didn't use so it is perfect.
Hubbie came in from work and we both took a short break and watched the evening news on TV.
While I was doing the chores #2 son brought another gift for us.
 Flash ,his basset hound will be living with us for a while at least until he finds a house and then maybe permanently depending on where the house is.
Flash quickly became just one of the gang !
Another gift hasn't gotten much use this week since we set it up.
I'm sure this hammock will be super nice in the coming days of summer. We set it up in our covered patio that always has a nice breeze blowing through. Some days when I relax at the end  of all my work I can hardly hold my eyes open sitting up in the chairs,now I can lay down !!

Hubbie and I dug 4 more holes for the remaining post of our pole barn. Hopefully we can get them set tomorrow and be right on schedule for getting the roof on next week with the help of daughter.
I have caught up on my blog reading tonight and I am heading to an early bedtime because g-son will be here before 7 in the morning.
In closing tonight I want to take a moment to honor our flag as today is Flag day 2012. It commemorates the adoption of our stars and stripes in 1777.
 May God continue to bless our great nation.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We were near you yesterday --since we visited Biltmore. However, we didn't get near to H'ville. AND--we sat in traffic on I-40 for 1.5 hours without moving... Yuk... There was a tractor trailer that had turned over... (We have the worst luck of all on I-40 between NC and TN.)

Glad you have a big home with lots of extra room... You keep inheriting things from your children (furniture, now dogs, etc.)..

Have a great weekend.