Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Didn't sleep well last night for some unknown reason,maybe the excitement of the good news from my check-up or could have been the mild stomach cramps from the exam but it was a nice night to be awake as I layed there and listened to the rain softly falling onto the metal roof.
There was about 1/4" in the rain gauge this morning so that will postpone watering at least a couple days.
After chores this morning I caught up my morning Bible reading before g-son arrived for the day.
After I fixed him breakfast I did 3 loads of laundry and chased dust bunnies around the house with my trusty swiffer duster.
A mostly cloudy morning was turning into a sunny afternoon so g-son and I headed outside. I pulled all the weeds out of my patios and mulched beds and he took them to the chickens for their green treat of the day. They were happy to see him with each little bucket full.
Now we are back inside,he is building "aliens" and I'm blogging while resting my back. All the stooping pulling weeds has caught up with me quickly.
I have another house guest,since the kindergarten class that had a dozen eggs to hatch,lost power for several hours they only had 1 egg hatch. The teacher wanted to keep the little guy for a couple weeks for the kids to enjoy. Daughter brought him home last week but when I tried to intergrate him in with the silkie's chicks that are about the same age as him, he would not have anything to do with them even with the coaxing of mama hen. I was afraid he was going to hurt himself so he is a resident of the basement until he gets a little bigger then I will put him with the chicks when I take the hen out.

He or she ,which ever the chase may be is very friendly and wants to be handled and petted.
 When g-son comes down I think he thinks he is back in the classroom and is going to get a lot of attention as he starts peeping loudly.

#1 son came after g-son after he got off work and visited for a few minutes. Hubbie came in from work about the same time.
After they left and hubbie went outside to do more brush cutting where we are thinking we will build a small horse barn for our renters in the lower pasture I did the evening chores and searched through my photos for June decade pictures.
The clouds have taken the sky back over here so there will be no chance to see a once in a lifetime planet movement as Venus moves in front of the sun.
 This is a photo I got from the news site. That black spot is the planet Venus as it transits in front of the sun. This won't happen again for 105 years !!
It is another cool evening here and we are supposed to get more rain tonight.
It has really been nice to cut the air conditioning back off and be able to wake to the sound of birds singing again. We have even turned the ceiling fan off over the bed for the last week. Breaks like this make the summer heat easier to take.

In my picture search I found a pic from June 1952 of my mom and her youngest sister with my dad's dog named "Old Jack". I can remember dad telling stories about how smart and loyal this dog was and how he loved and protected me when I was born. He was a german shepherd/ collie mix.
I am headed for an even earlier bedtime tonight to try to catch up the lost sleep of last night.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings of the day and the thirst quenching rain of last night.
Good Night and God Bless.

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