Wednesday, June 13, 2012


G-son arrived before 7am this morning. We dozed for about another hour , then I got up to feed the animals their breakfast. When I came back inside g-son was waiting for his breakfast.
After we ate he went on my morning walk with me. I'm sure glad he did because my appreciation of God's creations was renewed as he saw and pondered things I usually miss or take for granted.
He spotted this striped salamander peeking at us from behind a log. He wondered aloud about just how many stripes he had?

Then he saw this frog in one of our gutter drains,where I never take time to look in these. He thought this one was probably his friend frog from a couple years ago when he made a toad house for it to live in.

I pass this Lambs Ear plant everytime I go to the chicken lot but had never reached down to feel the silky softness of its leaves. G-son did today and declared it to be the softess thing he ever felt !

As we walked we talked about how many different colored flowers we saw. This one had three different colors on it. Just an old Bull Nettle briar blossom that is so colorful.

He chased some of the feathery Mimosa tree blossoms that were falling from the tree.

When our walk was over he had a collection of feathers he found along the way and again we marveled at the perfect patterns on each feather.

I love it when I get a renewed awe of our Creator, especially through the eyes of a very special  5 year old.

With renewed energy I tackled my busy day starting with posting my Avon order . Then it was time to chain myself to the stove to bake 12 caramel,3 coconut,3 chocolate and 2 wine cakes.
G-son was back building with his Lincoln Logs today to entertain himself.
After baking was finished ,we had lunch.
Hubbie had gotten off early from work to go to his doctor's office for an arteriogram to get a road map of his arteries for later with both his dad and mom having strokes the doctor wants to watch this closely.
When he got home we went down to work on squaring up the new pole barn. After over 2 hours we were still struggling with a couple inches when #1 son came to pick up g-son who was practicing his golfing skills with a new set of toy clubs I had bought for him. He had the building stakes squared in about 15 minutes,seems we had been moving the stakes a bit too far .
After he left hubbie wanted to go ahead and get the four corner poles in which required that the squaring process be started all over again. Thankfully with the help of #2 son at that time we got this done with hardly any trouble. So one of the hardest parts in this building is done,whew!!!

All this extra work made for a long evening for me. I did weekly paperwork,payed bills and iced cakes well into the night.
With no time to even blog as I am too tired from the early morning wake up coupled with the extra mental workout this afternoon and looking at a midnight bedtime when finishing my cakes and packing for market tomorrow.
I am writing this on Thursday and back dating it while I wait for customers at market.
I am truly grateful for a renewed faith in our Creator ,our Lord Jesus Christ who strengthens me each day.
God Bless.

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