Friday, June 29, 2012


Whew ! when I opened the door this morning and the heat hit me in the face it felt like I was in Florida or somewhere else farther south for sure. It was 77 degrees at 8am today. Thankfully we had a nice cloud cover that held the heat down for the first half of the day,at noon it was only 85. But this afternoon the sun broke through and we were sweating to 97 at around 3:30 !
After chores this morning I spent the entire morning in the kitchen baking, 12 caramel,4 chocolate,1 coconut,3 pound and 1 wine cake.
Hubbie was outside finishing closing in the back side of the barn. Just as I got down there to help he was figuring what lumber and gates we needed to build the fences back. I remembered I had a 10% off coupon from Tractor Supply so we headed out first to the lumber yard and then to TS for animal feed and gates. Got a very good deal on the gates plus the 10% off.
Back home while he dug post holes and set the gate post I came inside and iced 6 caramel cakes.
Then back outside to help,actually the heat didn't feel too bad and we were working in the shade. We got one side of the board fence up and layed the other side out for tomorrow before we quit for the evening.

While we worked renter Aaron and a friend baled the hay in the bottom pasture.
There were over 30 rolls when they were finished.
The pasture looks so nice this evening.
After chores this evening I iced the rest of my cakes and got things ready for market.
Another hot day is predicted so I don't know how many folks will ventured into an un- airconditioned market. I do have several orders so I'll have a pretty good day just on those.
Praising God for His blessings and asking for His guidance for daughter who is facing a difficult  career decision in the coming days.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

All-time record for Fairfield Glade today... 102 degrees... AND--there's no relief for about 3 more days... Gads!!!! (I'm ready for Fall... ha)


Rita said...

My daughter too is facing a new career decision. We wonder why these things come to pass but I'm sure over time we'll know it was all for good. Bless your daughter in finding a new position that is better for her.