Friday, June 15, 2012


Friday at last ,this has been one of those weeks that I am glad to see pass.
G-son arrived before 7am , thankfully hubbie is off today and got up to get him and brought him back to bed. We all dozed until 8 and then got up. While I did morning chores they had breakfast.
I put Flash in the lot with Annie over night and turned him out with her this morning so he is going to have to be watched closely this morning to make sure he doesn't try to go home.
As we took turns watching where he went he seemed content to explore around the house and barn.
I baked 6 more caramel, 2coconut ,2 chocolate and  2 pound cakes before lunch.
G-son sat on the porch to eat his ice cream dessert after lunch and was joined by his new friend.
I called this pic " rocking chair buddies" .

The new hammock got some use today also. Although at one time this afternoon he asked for some blankets because under the cloudy skies and a pretty strong breeze blowing on this 75 degree day it felt cool.
Hubbie went to town to pick up rafters and cement for the pole barn. He came back and set the other 4 poles. #1 son came in from work to help with the last one that was going to have extra bracing because there was solid rock in the hole.
We met our time goal of having all 8 post set as of today.

As g-son and I played around the yard today I noticed that my voodoo lillies were up. These were a gift from a lady several years ago where I went to buy some advertised plants she had. She didn't know anything about them only that they were called voodoo lilies.
I stuck them in this bed when I got them home and this bed has underwent several renovations since I planted them but they always come back each year.
Mine always have these circles of leaves and never bloom. Maybe that's a good thing because some of the photos of the voodoo lily blooms are scary looking and smell very bad.
Mine only have these wicked looking spotted stems.
Any one have these in your yard ??

After g-son left I iced caramel cakes before chores. I had a special order coconut wedding cake that was being picked up later tonight so I got it all wrapped and boxed.
After the pick up I iced chocolate and more coconut cakes and got another 5 caramel cake order boxed for tomorrow.
I am feeling the weight of this busy week tonight and am headed to bed early.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and for the graciousness He shows me each day as well as giving me a strong presence to lean on when I feel over whelmed.
Good Night and God Bless.

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NCmountainwoman said...

The rocking chair buddies are adorable! I thought of you when I was baking Thursday. Bread and a cake. It made me think of you and I honestly don't know how you do it. Happy Father's Day to the men in your family.