Monday, June 4, 2012


Woke a little earlier today as I'm getting in the habit of going to bed earlier for d-in-love's new job start next week.( g-son will be here at 6:45 each morning)
G-son came shortly after we got up today. I did morning chores and had breakfast with hubbie and g-son before heading off to Asheville for my OB Dr.'s annual check-up.
I passed with flying colors and he was happy with all my exams. I celebrated by going to Wendy's and having one of their new "chicken,almond,berry salads" yum yum !!
I also made stops at the Biltmore House gatehouse for more wassail mix and to K-mart for some on sale plants and pine shavings to go in my chick houses.
D-in-love picked up g-son at noon to go to the lake for the afternoon so hubbie headed out to his annual physical appointment before I got home.
He passed with flying colors also  and got a very pleasant surprise in his blood pressure reading. He has been drinking 2 oz. of Pom wonderful juice since February when the doc told him he would have to lower his blood pressure or go on pills. Since then  we also have been eating better and he has lost 9 lbs. which I'm sure helped lower the pressure. In February the reading was 145/93, today the reading was 128/84  wow, way to go hubbie, no pills !!!
When I got home I spent the cloudy afternoon working in the yard, got all my new plants planted.
And then cleaned out and switched chicks around to make room for another setting Silkie.
Have I mentioned how I love baby chicks ??!!
While I was moving some potted plants around I noticed this little Carolina Wren buzzing around frantically when I attempted to move one of my ferns to water it . Luckily I saw why she was so upset before I poured water on it.
 And yes this nest has 4 tiny speckled eggs in it.
Guess I will be watering this one with the spike  watering ball for a while.

As I planted some new flowers I noticed these beauties that are already blooming around the yard.
This is an Oak Leaf Hydrangea .

The lilies are showing their colors also.
These are Stella dora's which will bloom all season.

These are a really pretty lily but unfortunately they only bloom for a short while.

This guy looked like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar as I rounded the corner and caught him getting ready to raid this feeder.
The weather today kept everyone guessing as the sun and clouds fought all day and the temperature got in the upper 70's with a nice breeze of dry air making it feel great to be outside.With my hands in the dirt and the beautiful blooms to remind me of  the summertime joy of living in the country I enjoyed each outside task today.
Today has been a good day all around and I am prayerfully thankful tonight for all the gracious blessings from my Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, WELL---rain is on the way.. We have missed it all day today and last night. IF we don't get some during the night tonight, there's not other chances in the near future. Guess we'll be out there watering our flowers soon... Dang!!!!

Glad you and hubby both got good doctor's reports. Glad you are feeling better too.

Love the Oak Leaf Hydrangea.... Gorgeous.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow.