Saturday, June 16, 2012


Market was busy today with an antique fair on main street and Father's Day weekend traffic coming into the market.
Daughter called early and is picking up some fresh shrimp on her way home from Beaufort,SC where she has been since Thursday visiting a friend who recently bought a house there. She made it safely home this afternoon with several pounds of "local catch" shrimp.
I stopped on the way home from market to pick up baking supplies and fresh vegetables for lunch tomorrow.
When I got home work was continuing on our pole barn so we are actually ahead of what we had hoped to be at this time.

G-son who had been at a friends birthday party this afternoon came to stay with me this evening.
He and Flash took up right where they left off yesterday.
The chase is on !!!

Could you please share some of that cookie ???? !!!

I made supper for everyone tonight after they finished work on the barn and yard and garden .

In June of 1982 , #1 son (who is high on the ladder in photo above) was just an 8 month old.
We spent a lot of time in the water in that year. This was our boat and we were at the lake almost every weekend.
Hubbie and I both were excellent water skiers.
#1 son also loved the water.
Man, I look so young (and skinny)  in this picture !!!   Get a load of that life jacket, I'm glad they improved baby life preservers.

Life has been good for my family through the years and we owe it all to the Lord Jesus Christ, that is why I never go to bed without praising His name and thanking Him for blessings me as He has chosen to do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

As a youngster, I learned to swim and went swimming ALOT. But--I never went out on the lake, road in a boat or ever learned to water ski....Wish I had have learned to do that when I was young.

Bet your fresh shrimp will be great for dinner tomorrow..

Have a blessed Sunday.