Saturday, June 30, 2012


Made it to market on time for a change this morning. Daughter was already there and we both stayed all day expecting a busy pre July 4th Saturday. The day was okay but nothing like the past 2 years. The high temperatures kept folks comfy at home in the air conditioning.
This is the temperature as I left market. I made a couple supply stops hurriedly getting back to the van so the things inside wouldn't completely melt. The temperature at the airport was 99 which broke the old record of 96 set back in 1952.
We're not the only ones sweltering in the heat,most of the country is in or close to triple digits.
 Last night there were some severe storms in several states that killed 13 people and knocked out electricity to millions. In one of the storms was our pastor and many members of our church who are on mission to West Virginia. Word from them is good, they are all okay ,only damage to one of the vans from falling tree limbs, thank you Lord.

Hubbie worked out in the heat today on finishing the barn. I helped put up one side of the fencing when I got home and we only like stretching the wire on the other side and cleaning up and we are done !
#1 son and g-son came by this evening to visit for a while.
At 11:00 tonight the temperature has dropped to 76.
It's hard to believe that June is gone, we have been so busy this month it slipped by me barely noticed !!
We helped #2 son move in with his sister and get his house rented. I looked at several houses with him but he hasn't found that "right" house yet.
We rented out lower pasture to the same couple that rented his house and built them a small 30ft X 12ft horse barn to keep their 2 horses in. They also will be putting some of their cattle in the pasture.
This month also hubbie and I both passed our yearly physicals with flying colors.
The weather has been cool for the month of June until these last few days which have been very hot.
We've had a couple bad rain storms but no damage except some washed out places.
Well that's a short recap of June 2012 and it will be part of history in just a short while.
Looking forward to what God has in store for me in the next month.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---another miserably hot day here ---record highs for the past two days--and not a drop of rain for the past 2-4 weeks... For us, June has been a pretty hot month overall... Hope July is better! I am SO not a summer person!

Glad we didn't get those storms that they had in West VA and Ohio... Scary!

Have a wonderful day--and stay COOL.