Sunday, July 1, 2012


Yes it was another hot day and it started early this morning.
After chores I got ready for church,we  had a guest speaker today and he gave a really informative message. Our pastors are both on the mission trip to WV.
After church I treated the whole family to lunch at Cracker Barrel with a couple nice gift cards the kids gave me.
While we waited for a table d-in-love and g-son got in a couple games of checkers !

Our meal was good ,#2 son met us there after house hunting all morning. He found a foreclosed house that he really likes but it needs quite a bit of work. We will be looking at it later this week with him.
We all stopped at an estate sale on the way home at the place we usually go. Everyone found something they could use at 1/2 price. This is my purchases.
This milk glass punch bowl called my name, so for $11 it came home with me.

I looked it up on e-bay and there is one on there for $169 ,so I got a great deal,mine even has 11 cups.

I liked this fall design plate for decorating this fall.

On the way home the temperature was 99 so we decided to rest for a while. Records for high temps were broken all around. That 107 in SC is the hottest day ever any where in the state.

There were storms popping up all around us , the weather radar all afternoon and evening has looked like a Christmas tree .
Thankful tonight to God that most of the severe storms missed us all we got was some thunder and lightening and wind but not a drop of water. That's okay with me ,I'm just glad we missed out on this stuff which fell not to far from  us!

The night isn't over yet and there is always tomorrow so I'll just pray that it is God's plan for us to be hot and storm free.
I am grateful each day for God's plan for me and my family and always give prayerful thanks.
Good Night and God Bless.

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