Thursday, July 19, 2012


Up early to do chores before market time.Daughter got there after I got things set up,she had to hurry back to work.
I had a good selling day,even sold an extra 1/2 bushel of green beans hubbie picked last night.
It got almost unbearably hot in market after lunch. It was only 90 degrees but the humidity must have been 100%,whew !!
Ran my errands and did my shopping after market,made it home about 3:30. I felt like I was running from a storm as I left town because of the large black clouds that were forming over the city.
No rain for us again today but it thundered all afternoon.
When I got unloaded I headed for the garden to glean for fresh vegies for supper just in case the rains came.
We had fresh green beans,potatoes, and cucumbers for supper with bought broccoli and grilled chicken breast.
Flash (the bassett hound)was found by a neighbor in the highway this evening,don't know why he ran that way,maybe the thunder scared him but now I'm concerned that he is wandering way to far away from home.
After chores I iced 6 caramel cakes and then took the rest of the night off !!
As I came home today and crossed I-26 I thought about this photo I had found in my decade pics for this month.
This is a picture I took of I-26 east before it was opened. In the summer of 1972 I was dating a boy that was working on a construction crew working on the road and I took him lunch a couple times driving down the road before it opened.

Update on #2 son's house offer, as of noon today him and the bank that owns the house were $26,000 apart after starting out $44,000 apart. I am just praying that he holds his ground,especially since he knows there was less owed on the house than his original offer.
Grateful for a loving God who will always be beside me in all in that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope your son does stand his ground.... BUT--I also hope he gets the house IF that is what he wants... Prayers for him.

Flash is a wanderer, isn't he???? Hope he stays safe!!!! Will Son take him back once he gets a home?

Glad you did so well at the market... Hot her also... Big storms coming tonight. We need rain --but storms scare me.