Tuesday, July 17, 2012


G-son was here at 7 this morning carrying 2 blankets and 2 favorite stuffed animals called "bobcat" and "lavatory", as you might guess one is a bobcat and the other is a labrador retriever.  He wasn't interested in more sleep today ,just snuggling with his soft blankets and stuffed animals.
I fixed him breakfast before I headed out to do chores.
Today is laundry day so I got a load started as soon as I came back inside so I could hang towels on the line to dry before the storms move in.
I did a weight lifting video and then took a 30 minute walk. I was sweating by the time I finished the walk in the sunny 80 degree muggy morning. It is so damp the grass was still wet even at 10am.
I started housework between laundry loads and worked through early afternoon. I noticed the clouds suddenly grow very dark and heard a rumble of thunder as I dashed to the clothes line to rescue my dry towels.
I made it back inside just as the heavens opened up and poured 2" of rain on us in less than an hour. The thunder,lightening and wind accompanied the rain and g-son and I headed for safety in the basement.
He was intent on consoling Bernie who was shivering with fear at every lightening flash and clap of thunder.
 After the rain stopped I headed outside to check for damage. Lots of gulleys in our roads and a flattened corn patch was all I found thankfully.
Sadly this time I think it is too late for our corn to stand back up, it is too tall now and most of it is broken.
This is how tall the stalks were as I am standing by the few stalks that are still standing and I am 5' 6" tall.
Oh well the cows will enjoy the fresh corn stalks to eat.
Daughter who also lives in the path of the the storms said her power was out all evening but thankfully we kept ours on.
#1 son came after g-son before hubbie made it in from work because he had to go by the feed store on his way home.
After a quick supper and early chore time we headed out to meet with #2 son and his realtor at the house he is interested in up on the mountain near our house.
I thought about making some pictures but didn't want to take a chance on jinxing him. He has decided to make an offer tomorrow on the house. It is in foreclosure but has only been on the market since June 28 so we'll see what happens. It isn't torn up much,only a couple holes punched in a bathroom wall, the screen torn up on the upper porch and only the appliances are missing.
It is a beautiful house and he really likes the quietness of the area . This is a photo from the realtor MLS listing.
And the special thing about being on the side of a mountain is a spectacular view and this home has one. The photo below is the view from the upper deck, that's Mt. Pisgah in the center.
I pray for God to work His will in this situation.
Thanking God for keeping me safe during the storms today and asking for His guidance for #2 son as he makes this big decision.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---I would love that home --with the view and quietness... Sounds great. Hope he gets it.

You all had a hum-dinger of a storm, didn't you? Sorry about the corn... We haven't had any rain at all since last week--after we got that 6 inches...

Have a good day tomorrow.

NCmountainwoman said...

We have had thunderstorms every afternoon around here. No damage or power outages, thank goodness. Oh, I do so hope you son gets the house. What a view!