Sunday, July 15, 2012


Nice morning as I did chores and got ready for church.
I forgot that church service today was the VBS musical and I didn't bring my big camera. I still made lots of pics of g-son as he preformed in the musical. I'm not prejudiced or any thing but he did wonderful as did all the kids.

It was a sweet program to convey the message of Jesus Christ our Savior.
VBS starts next Sunday. I'm not teaching this year but will go and help fill in as much as I can.

Hubbie and I rushed home from church to pick beans and dig potatoes from the garden to have for lunch.
We had roast beef, one of our last bags of frozen corn from the freezer,the fresh potatoes and green beans with peach cobbler for dessert,yum yum.
#2 son went to his bank today,which is open on Sunday afternoon to get loan approval papers to send with his offer on the house we looked at last week.
While he was here for lunch he found another foreclosure in the paper and now is going to wait to check this house out. He and hubbie rode up the mountain to look at it after we ate.
#1 son worked on the boat motor of the boat he bought and got it running,which made him very happy.
After everyone left hubbie and I rode back up to look at the house son found. It is a very nice house on the side of a mountain with a gorgeous view but the road to it through the small housing development it's in is a one lane road,if you meet another car,someone has to back up. Most of the houses in there are second homes of folks who live out of town.
While hubbie and I were there another couple came by to look at the house and were very rude to us.
Back home we relaxed for the evening.
It has thundered and threatened storms this afternoon and evening but no rain with the mid 80 temps.
Asking for God's guidance for #2 son as he makes a decision on houses and for the blessings He gave me today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I don't understand having a VBS musical BEFORE VBS... Is this just a 'preview' of what is to come? I've never heard of that... Maybe it's an advertisement... Oh Well--I know you were proud of your grandson.

Good Luck to your son in getting the 'house of his dreams'.... I'm sure that he'll choose the right one for him.

We ended up getting about 6 inches of rain last week--but it's dry and hot again.... Oh Well--tis summer.

linda m said...

The Musical sounds like a fun time. Good luck to your son on his house hunting. I am sure he will make a good decision. We are still praying for rain here; sure wish we would get some.