Friday, July 13, 2012


AHHHH!!!! What a nice sound to wake up to,the patter of raindrops on our metal roof.
Chores were messy with all the mud but I'll deal with the mud to get the much needed rain.
This green blob is over our entire county and stayed that way pretty much all morning.
Sorry about the picture but I was busy baking and didn't have time to get on the computer so I took a picture of the radar on TV. Anyway our county is under Asheville.
G-son arrived before 7am today and he and hubbie watched cartoons until I got back inside from chores. Then Hubbie went over to help daughter and her new Principle paint their offices. This job took them until almost 3pm.
G-son played and watched TV while I baked 12 caramel, 5 chocolate,3 coconut and 2 pound cakes.
After lunch we worked on some mazes and read some books.
The temperature stayed in the mid 70's all day and the sun finally peeked out for a little while late this afternoon.
Daughter came by after they finished painting and took g-son to Chik-fil-la to play in the inside playroom for a while.
I did evening chores without any rain gear on. I emptied 1 1/4" of rain out of the gauge at chore time.
Soon after I got inside the skies grew dark and the storms started again.
I iced all my cakes and got the orders boxed up for tomorrow.
At 10:30 pm our county was once again a big green blob of rain.

It is really nice to have a rainy day in July especially after it has been so hot.
Today is one of 3 Friday the 13ths in the year 2012 but I'd say for most folks around these parts it has been a lucky rainy day.
Grateful to God for the blessing of life giving rain and for His precious love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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