Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Woke to the sound of thunder early this morning,wouldn't you know the one morning I could have caught a few extra Z's . We didn't get much rain just a lot of noise.
As I walked this morning I noticed some good things and some bad things from this weird weather we are having lately.
This is the first time I have ever seen my grapes rot before they ripen.
And I have been hearing some of the tomato farmers talk about a tomato disease that is spreading in our area, I think ours may have it even with constant spraying.
Looks like it is a good thing that I have extra tomatoes canned from last year !!

Now for the good things, my one pumpkin vine that survived the intermittent drought and rain downpours has several nice size pumpkins on it.
And two of my roses are blooming again.

This is the rose I bought at the flea market in SC this spring, it was supposed to be just yellow but I am happy with the pink blush.
I baked cakes almost all day, 46 layers, 4 pound and 4 blackberry wine cakes. I finished about 3:00 this afternoon,just in time to get all the floors cleaned before hubbie got home from work,whew !!
He went up to VBS tonight alone as I have icing to do. Just after he left we had a terrible storm, again very close lightening and booming thunder but not much rain. When hubbie came home he said it poured at church which is about 1 1/2 miles from here.
I got all the cakes iced and did our weekly paperwork and even had time to blog tonight. Wow I have had a busy day !!!
Here is daughter teaching her Bible school class of 2nd graders.

I love days like today,yeah I've been kick-butt  busy but the accomplished feeling tonight outweighs the tiredness .
I am so grateful to God that He gives me the energy and health to do these things.
I am saying a special prayer for my friend Rhonda's family tonight, she was buried this morning with a small family graveside service. We as a church will have a celebration of her life service on Monday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

What a profitable day for you.... You really accomplished alot--and I can understand how pleased you are!!!!!

Too bad about the tomatoes and grapes... Crazy summer we are all having.

We are DRY again --and if we don't get some rain soon, we'll be out there watering the plants/flowers again soon. It's VERY hot here...


linda m said...

Sorry to hear about your tomatoes and grapes. Most of my flowers have been affected by the heat and the drought. My tomato plant has been hit by a blight even tho I have sprayed a couple of times. But I am still getting tomatoes.

Gail said...

What a wonderfully successful day. Our garden has grown strangley populated with bugs we have never seen.

We got a wonderfully appreciated, small gentle shower today. I am still happy for what we received.

Have a wonderful evening.