Sunday, July 29, 2012


Up early on this Sunday morning getting chores done . Before I head for church I need to make a grocery store run for some BBQ sauce for the chicken breast we are grilling for lunch today.
Sometimes I get so mad at myself for forgetting what to pick up at the store when I am there,seems if it's not on my list it doesn't get bought. Someone told me a long time ago , when you start making list your brain gets lazy, I think they were right. But I'm in a catch 22 situation ,if I don't make a list I definitely forget things I need, if I do make a list I forget anything that's not on the list. Answer to this situation, don't forget to put things on my list !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Church was good, if you've been following my blog long you have read about the situation I had with the other church that was using our sanctuary. The damage and disrespect they were showing for our church,both people and building that caused me to give up my position as custodian after 8 years. Well after I left my position I turned it over to God, if God was okay with what was going on then who was I to stress over it. Today the pastor announced that this other church was leaving our church and would no longer be holding service there. They are joining with another church in town. God has a way of taking care of things in His own time and His own way. He created a situation that is good for everyone involved.
Plus we had 2 people Baptized this morning and had 3 folks join the church, so it was a wonderful Sunday morning. This first young lady is from Chili and can be seen with my d-in-love in one of last weeks VBS post.
And this young man is the associate Pastor's son and was Baptized by his dad, how wonderful is that!

We had grilled chicken breast, fresh corn,beans,fried squash and baked potatoes followed by peach cobbler from one of the market neighbor's culled peaches.
Sunday lunch is my one free meal per week I get on my new nutrition plan so I make the best of it right down to a nice dessert.
Everyone scattered after lunch and g-son stayed with us to ride out to the estate sale we usually go to.
We didn't find much, hubbie got some rakes ,shovels and other outside work tools, g-son was given a minnow bucket with a cricket cage and small net inside, I got a picture and a small bouquet.

Back in July 1992 life around here was very busy with a farm, lots of animals and 3 kids,whew!!
Here is a glimpse back to that time in pictures.
A trip to Myrtle Beach.

Fun on a water slide.

Back home there were calves to feed.
Cows to milk.
Rabbits to take care of.
Sugar the Eskimo Spitz.
Helga the Norweigen Elkhound.
Tom Tom the kitty cat.
Life was good !!!
I thank God each day for the life my family and I have led over the years and I look back now and realize just how fortunate we have been and still are as a family in good times and bad times.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Claudia said...

Thanks for the pic! Although I look a little silly but it is nice to see a memory of such a special moment!