Saturday, July 28, 2012


Daughter was already at market ,set up and selling blackberries when hubbie and I arrived this morning. She sold 15 gallons of berries before 11am. We also sold most of our baked goods.
Another hot afternoon, 90 degrees, made customers scarce after lunchtime.
I stopped at Sav Mor and Aldi to pick up baking supplies on the way home along with picking up my Avon from my friends house. I visited with her for a few minutes to check on her recent hospital visit. I stopped at a local farm stand for corn and at Ingles for some Boars Head turkey breast and made it home by 4:00. Hubbie helped me unload and then we both took a short break before we grilled some shrimp and corn on the cob for supper.
After chores we took a walk around the bottom pasture.
Baby calves are so cute and playful and fun to watch.
These seem to be saying "where did she go? I know I saw her go in there !"
Oops, there she is !!!
Let's follow her so she won't get lost again !!
Well she is the same color as us but she sure smells different !!
Sadie is used to calves and is not afraid of them, I think she knows she can out run them if she needs to.

This was the moon in a clear sky as we headed back up the hill to the house.
#1 son bought a jon boat a couple weeks ago and has spent many hours working on it ,getting it in running shape. This is a before and after photo from d-in-love's blog.
It looks like a totally different boat now.
Today was the first time on the water for it, as d-in-love and g-son went with him to one of the local lakes. Not knowing if it would even float before they left.
It floated and the motor ran well and they all had a wonderful time until  a storm brewed and they headed for home.
G-son looks like he is having fun riding in dad's "new" boat. D-in-love said tonight that he said "today was the best day of his life" !! I know that his daddy felt all the work he put into the boat was well worth it just for that comment.

They did some fishing. Here g-son is having a talk with his worm before putting it in the water.

Making special memories together as a family is one of the most satisfying things you do in life.
I can remember how excited our kids were when we would head out in our boat on the lake.
With only a month of summer left I hope they get many more opportunities like today.

Dolly and Bernie were going to get haircuts and baths tonight but since it is already 10:45 I think they will escape another day .
A storm passed by this afternoon but we got nothing but some thunder to go along with the 90 degree temperatures.
Grateful for God's blessings today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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