Sunday, July 22, 2012


Church was very sad this morning,with the knowledge that Rhonda our music director fort he past 20 years was probably stepping into eternity as we had our service.
And afterward we found out she did just that,as she came face to face with God at noon today.
This was taken a few years ago  at church.
As I said last night Rhonda and I graduated from high school together. I remember a beautiful always smiling girl friend.
This is a photo of the Monogram club. Rhonda is on the left front,I am in the second row  between Diane and Janet.
We were also officers in the Beta Club together. I am second from right in the top row and Rhonda is behind me.
Here is Rhonda receiving her homecoming queen crown.
In this pic she is ironing something she sewed in home economics class. She made all of her clothes though the years and we recently had talked about her getting a table in the curb market I go to to sell some sewn items.
She has been in severe pain for quite some time now and I rejoice tonight that she is pain free .
We will all miss her warm smile and sweet music and I continue to pray for her husband,son,mother,sister, niece and all the extended family members as they grieve the loss of this sweet lady.

On a more joyous note we got through the first night of VBS successfully tonight.
Added this year was a full supper for all the kids and volunteers alike.
Ham, mac & cheese, green beans and a roll were on the menu tonight as g-son dives in. Everyone ate at the same time and it worked out well.
Although some of the kids (g-son included) had more important things to do than eat, like fork and spoon fighting.
He made a turtle at craft time and put lots of detail on his.

Hubbie and I both went tonight and wandered around helping where we were needed.
As we left church this smoke stack cloud looked like it might rain on us.
When we got home everything had a strange pinkish glow from these clouds over the house.

I walked up the hill and snapped this shot of the setting sun.
The skies cleared as darkness fell .
Whew, what an emotional day. Just as our pastor said this morning as Christians we can be crying and laughing at the same time as we deal with the ups and downs in life.
Thanking God tonight for the love He gives His children each day and the grace He gives each of us.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Yes, that looked like a sad AND happy day for you. Rhonda is at peace and is pain-free... Prayers for the family and all of her friends.

VBS always makes me smile. Looks like everything went well for the first night...

Have a great Monday.

linda m said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Prayers for her family and friends. Your pictures of the evening sky are very beautiful. Maybe it was your friend smiling down from Heaven. Glad VBS went well on it's first day.