Monday, July 16, 2012


G-son arrived at 7am and we went back to bed for a while. He came up to the chicken coup as I was just finishing up,saying he thought he heard me singing. I laughed and told him he probably wouldn't ever hear me singing and if he did it would be something he would remember for a while !!!
It was a cool cloudy morning so after breakfast and my exercises we walked outside for a while. The sun came out and he was ready to head inside to watch Sesame Street.
I used today to catch up a lot of loose ends. After lunch I jarred up all my dried herbs and cut more to start drying. Then I clipped back the forsythia hedge below the house out of my clothesline area and out of g-son's jeep storage shed area. It seemed to get hot suddenly this afternoon and I sweated a gallon just hedge trimming. It was 88 degrees even with a lot of passing clouds and storms.
I came inside to cool off when hubbie got home from work. #1 son picked up g-son to go to karate lessons.
We ate supper and I did chores early to get to my nutrition class at church tonight.
Daughter picked me up and we got there early to weigh in.
I'm doing good in lowering my fat % and raising my muscle mass %.
We did a high intensity cardio workout tape tonight and it was very hard,I sweated another gallon !!
I'll be glad to get a nice bath and settle down in the cool bedroom tonight.
I need to catch up my decade photos for this month.
I found this picture of my Aunt Carol Warner (mom's sister) and her family who lived in Michigan along with my uncle Anderson Holmes (pointing) and it was dated July 16, 1952.
Aunt Carol and both uncles have passed away but all my cousins Veronica, Patricia, Debbie and Bobby Jr. are doing well and still all live in Michigan.

Thanking God for the strength He gives me each day and for putting in my life the great folks that I met with tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Amy said...

i'm so proud of you for sticking with the program! can't wait to see your end results. i already know that it's working!

i'm *attempting* to start a new blog, it's called our little life.