Thursday, July 5, 2012


Another early morning,getting ready for market. I did make it on time today even with my watch being 10 minutes slow,luckily I noticed the living room clock with the correct time.
This morning market was okay with a pretty steady stream of customers but as soon as the temperature and humidity started to climb the market emptied of customers.
When I got in the van after market closed it was 94 but felt worse than last week when it was 100. The humidity is high today making it feel hotter and stickier.
I hurried through my supply pick ups and made a couple Avon deliveries on the way home. The clouds were getting dark and the wind was picking up by the time I got here.
I got unloaded and was just getting inside when hubbie got home. We rested for a few minutes listening to the news and weather  to see if the storms were coming our way. Luckily they all missed us again today. We are very dry like most of the country and the news was saying food prices would go up due to the drought in the mid west where most of the corn is grown.
They are starting to compare this years drought pattern with the pattern in 1934 the worst year of  the dust bowl.
After chores hubbie and I met #2 son and his realtor at a house he is looking at to  try to get an estimate on what it would cost to fix some things in it. It is a foreclosure and some of the work in this house is mind boggling. They have put a beautiful hard wood floor down but left huge cracks between the boards and evidently it was seconds because it is all short boards. The door facing are all cut off 2" above the floor and will need to be replaced and that is just a couple of the problems we found. It is a nice large house and in it's original shape was probably a $400,000 home.
He is deciding if he wants to put the work into fixing it up or not. It is in a very nice neighborhood.

Hubbie and I came home to meet a man who bought 7 roosters I had for sale. Tomorrow will be moving day for some of my bigger pullets and to get some of the smaller roosters advertised.
I am tired tonight from the heat of the day and looking forward to a restful night of sleep and a normal wake up time in the morning as g-son is going to other g-mas for the day.
Saw this and thought how true this is ........

Grateful to God for the blessings of the day and for His continued love and guidance in my life.
Good Night and God Bless.

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NCmountainwoman said...

A house with such structural defects is a real concern no matter where it is. Whatever the decision, I hope it works out.

This weather must be hard on the chickens. Hope you don't lose any.