Friday, July 6, 2012


Ahhh, TGIF  !!
Slept a little later today and then tackled the day energetically. After chores and breakfast I watered all my potted plants outside and inside. Hubbie is mowing the lawn early before the sun gets any hotter. I came inside and sweated through an exercise tape.
I baked 6 caramel,2 coconut, 1 pound and 3 wine cakes before lunch.
I had an eye exam appointment at 2:30 so hubbie went along to drive me home after my eye dilation.
I haven't had an exam in several years because the optrician I was going to never sent me an appointment reminder so I switched to a new dr.
Got good news all around and my far sighted vision has actually improved a little but my near vision is just a little worse. I picked out new frames and ordered my glasses. I love the new "no frame" light weight glasses.
 These were a little smaller than my old glasses but they thought they would be fine with my prescription. They will be here in about 3 weeks.
Good news on my eye health also ,everything was fine so with majorly dilated pupils I was glad I didn't have to drive home.
I had to lay down for a little while when I got home to avoid a migraine from the bright lights he examined my eyes with.
When I felt better I took  a long walk around the bottom pasture to clear my head.
As I came inside I noticed this Moon Vine with all these very sweet smelling blooms on it for the evening. My reward for carrying all that water this morning !!

After chores I iced caramel and coconut cakes and wrapped and labeled everything.
Thankful to God for the blessing of a good report from the doctor today as well as all His other blessings .
Good Night and God Bless.

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