Sunday, July 8, 2012


The weather is supposed to be a little cooler today but when the heat hit me in the face this morning on the way to do morning chores it still felt like a hot day.
Church was good and all our folks were back from last week's West Virginia mission trip safely.
After church hubbie and I fixed "low country boil" on our outside cooker for lunch. We used some of the shrimp that daughter brought back from Beaufort,SC last month. Over all it was delicious but the shrimp were not cleaned very well and were a little gritty. At least the ones we still have in the freezer are from a different place.
Everyone scattered shortly after we ate, daughter went home to make B&B pickles from an excess of cucumbers from her garden, #2 son went to Walmart, #1 son's family went to drop some things off at Goodwill, hubbie went to a the monthly deacon's meeting at church.
And me I relaxed for a while and enjoyed the nice breeze that kicked up when the storms passed by.
Our pasture has some new residents, these are the renter's 2 horses.

While hubbie was at his meeting I had time to look through my photos in search of July decade pictures.
I found out my great grandmother died in July 1922. She was somewhat of a legend in these parts. She was a traveling midwife, and the stories go that she never lost a mother or a baby in all the years she delivered babies. In her day and time that was a very successful career.
Her 3rd husband at the time of her death loved her so much ,he hand carved her head stone.
This verse is chiseled onto the back of the stone,it is also written beside her picture in the collage above.

This evening hubbie cleaned up his old Honda Accord that he drives and we advertised it on craigslist for sale. He has driven it since a friend of mine's husband died suddenly and she couldn't bear to have his car around to remind her of him.  I went to check on her one day and she said find someone to buy this car today !  It just so happened that we were looking for something cheaper for hubbie to drive to work than his big farm truck. That was in September 2006 and he has drove it ever since to work with no problems. But now with he and I both with bad knees it is very hard to get in and out of the low car so he decided to test the waters on selling it. He wants a jeep wrangler if this works out.
I told him he had better go ahead and get a newer one now so he can have it payed off before he retires.
Thanking God for the blessings He gave me today and grateful for His graciousness.
Good Night and God Bless.

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