Friday, July 27, 2012


Friday at last !! G-son arrived before 7am ,thankfully hubbie is off on Fridays now and is an early riser because there was no going back to sleep this morning for g-son.
I napped on and off until my alarm went off. Then it was off to do the chores .
Hubbie has a doctor's appointment this morning in Asheville to discuss his artereiogram.
While g-son watched Sesame Street I did an exercise video and took my morning walk.
The sun is hot this morning and I was sweating plenty at the end of a 30 minute walk.
Hubbie got home just as I finished and he and g-son went outside for awhile before it got too hot.
I baked cakes again until about 3pm. 12 caramel,3 coconut, 6 chocolate, 4 pound cakes ( 1 for church).
When the last ones came out of the oven we thought we would have time to run out to my eye doctor and pick up my new glasses that arrived this morning. The storms were starting to move in but appeared to be going the other way, wrong !!  As we got almost into town the wind,rain ,thunder and lightening started out furiosly. I turned toward home on a back road and the storm got worse so I slowly made my way back home. My glasses will wait until Monday !
By the time we made it home the rain gauge has only 2/10th inch in it. I'm thankful we didn't get the hard rain I drove through just a short distance away.
Chores were done early and we all headed to Bible School commencement at 6pm.
The program was good and g-son continued to have fun. That's him on the far right in the navy blue monkey shirt with the big smile.

And here is the whole group of kids.
Another successful VBS comes to a close tonight.

I left right after the service to get home and ice my cakes while everyone else stayed for the BBQ meal and taking down the decorations duty.
G-son is going to be sad next week with no where to go play with his friends but soon he will start kindergarten and I know he will love that.
As I sat in the sanctuary tonight looking at the teachers and classes in front of me  it made me have mixed feelings as I looked at the young women and men who were teachers. Time is moving fast for me and seems this is one area that the torch has been passed and it feels good yet sad.
For years and years and I have taught a VBS class or had another duty of some kind during this week but this year it was truly nice to be able to roam freely and enjoy all the goings on.
May all the good things that happened in these kids lives this week glorify God and may these kids cling to His love for them forever.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, We have been watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies from London ALL evening... AWESOME.... Wow!!!!

Glad VBS went so well... I know it's hard ---yet good--when we pass the 'torch' on to the younger generation....