Friday, July 20, 2012


Had a rough night for a little while last night as a thunder and lightening storm rolled through scaring Bernie and Dolly. We only got 2/10ths inch rain but it was sure noisy.
This morning it is cloudy and muggy. After chores I stayed inside to do an exercise tape while hubbie did some weed eating on the banks of our driveway.
I baked 12 caramel,3 coconut,3chocolate ,1 pound and 1 wine cake before lunch.
After we ate we went to a couple Chevy dealers in the area to see about trading hubbie's big truck for a 1/2 ton pick-up. The figures at the first dealer were unacceptable and the second dealer is going to e-mail me theirs as we were tired of sitting around from the first dealership.
The clouds have hung around all day keeping the temperature in the upper 70's for the afternoon.
When we got home hubbie cut corn for the cattle while I did my chicken and dog feeding chores.
I came inside to ice cakes and get things ready for market. Daughter is picking blackberries this evening.
Update on #2 son's house deal,looks like this is not the one for him. He called to say the realtor will be bringing his check by the market so I can shread it as the bank wouldn't come down any more and even the selling realtor said they should have taken his offer.

Today was a historically bad day for our nation as the most terrible shooting spree in our history occurred just after midnight in a movie theater in Colorado during a pre-view showing of the new Batman movie.
This 24 year old man tossed a couple smoke bombs into the crowded dark theater and then opened fire. Killing 12 and wounding over 70 people before he stopped shooting into the darkness of the theater.
His name was James Holmes , he had dyed his hair red and told police upon his capture that he was "the joker".
This is the theater that this terrifying event took place in.
So far no motive for the shooting has been found. My prayers go out to the families of the victims tonight.

This evening the sun peeked through the clouds just enough to create a colorful evening sky.

Today ends with such a heavy sigh as so many folks are suffering from the senseless shooting spree of the early morning. I am praying that God comfort all these people and hopefully make known the reason this bright young man would do such a terrible thing to so many innocent people.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

What happened in CO is just horrible... I could just cry. Prayers for those families....

We did get some rain during the night last night (1 inch) --and are getting a little more right now... SO--things are beginning to 'green up' now... Hopefully, the drought is over for now.

Have a nice weekend. Sorry about your son and that home. BUT--he'll find the perfect one soon.


linda m said...

I am praying for all the families in CO -it is so sad. Sorry to hear your son didn't get the house. I'll pray he finds another one soon. It just wasn't meant to be.