Monday, July 23, 2012


G-son arrived at 7am and we both got about another hour of sleep.
It is another warm,muggy morning as I did the chores. I need to move some chicks to larger houses but am going to wait until this evening in hopes that I will sell the Silkie chicks that I advertised on craigslist this morning.
I ate breakfast, did a 50 minute exercise tape and walked for 45 minutes,sweating the whole way in the moisture laden air of the morning.
G-son cut out of the walk early and came back inside to the TV and a cool drink that was waiting.
He decided to play today with some blocks he hasn't played with in a long time. He acted like he had  found a new toy!
After lunch the storms started early and the Direct TV went off in the early stages of the storm. G-son then played in his playroom which is in the back of the house and much safer than the living room anyway.
I went downstairs and sewed up a bonnet order that I need before the first of August.
3 large and 1 medium bonnet later I was done for the day. My back didn't even hurt that bad after sewing these up.I have some baby bonnets and small eyelet pillows cut out but they can wait until another day.
When I came back upstairs g-son showed me some of his block creations,I was impressed !
Got a call at lunch for the white silkie pair I advertised and then just before the storm I got a call from West Asheville for the other 4. The sun was shining when this man called but as soon as I hung up the clouds moved in and the storm began. Lots of thunder and lightening with only 3/10ths inch of rain.
But thankfully I don't have to water this evening.
Just as the storm was winding down the man came to pick up the chicks. I didn't get too wet !!
These guys have a new home tonight along with a white pair that was picked up by someone different a little later in the evening. I cleaned this chick box out and got it ready for some new residents.
Early choretime again as the grass is too wet to mow so hubbie and I both headed up to church to help with VBS.
This is g-son in some of his classes tonight. He is having a ball this year. This is a rousing game of "lava,lava, boom!" since that goes along with the theme more than "duck,duck,goose" !!

Then he made a starfish at crafts.

And then g-son's all time favorite is music. It is so much fun to watch them earnestly watching the motions of the leaders and trying to keep up .

One of his favorite parts is when they get to climb a mountain (up the stairs and down and across the balcony) and then get to fly their planes back to the stage.
I love seeing him interact with the kids and teachers and have so much fun while learning about Jesus's love for him. I was really impressed tonight at him answering the questions asked about the lesson for today.
Hubbie and I left early to get home so I could move my chicks. Unfortunately during the move one of the little chicks flew out of my hand and slipped right through the squares in the fence. Hubbie and I both searched for it with flashlights as darkness fell with no luck. Hopefully he has found a safe place and will get back to the lot in the morning. There are a lot of predators at night and in the early morning so he will have to be one lucky little guy to survive.
This is typical dog day weather we are having with storm chances each day for the next week.

Still praying tonight for the family of my friend and sister in Christ that passed away Sunday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sounds like you had a very busy day. The pictures of VBS were so cute. I remember many years ago when I would go - we always had so much fun and learned a lot about God's Love. Our weather has been very HOT with very little to no rain all Summer.