Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It felt funny to wake all alone this morning. G-son is spending today with other g-ma.
Glory,glory it has rained 1/2" overnight and is still misting this morning. Even the chickens who don't usually like rain acted like they were glad to see it today. The high today was 67 degrees,now we are below normal !!!
This is a map of the first 6 months of 2012, it broke lots of records for heat.

This map of temperatures for today looks a lot different than the past couple weeks have looked.
Ahhhh a cool down in July is always nice.

On a cool morning after exercises I enjoyed a long walk before beginning my busy day.
I baked 12 caramel, 3chocolate,2 coconut,4 pound and 2 wine cakes this morning.
After lunch I cleaned the floors and swept off the porches just in time for the rain to make a comeback. It was a nice gentle rain for a couple hours,so nice,thank you Lord !
Some folks weren't as lucky, as some got no rain and some got several inches and flooding conditions.

After hubbie got home we made a rainy day trip to Sam' s club and had to take a detour on the way home around an accident on the road we live on. As we went out there was a big puddle of water about where the wreck was.
When we got home we had a rotisserie chicken for supper with some yellow squash from the garden.
I tied myself to my office chair tonight to finish June paperwork and get quarterly taxes paid before taking care of this weeks paperwork and bills.
Then there was cakes to ice. I left 6 of the caramel to ice tomorrow for orders as my back is really hurting tonight.
This morning I was moving some things around on my canned goods shelves when I pulled something right in the middle of my back and tonight after all this work it feels like a lit torch stuck in there.
I hope it will ease off after a hot bath so I can sleep.
I poured another 1/2" of rain from the gauge this evening at chore time.
Grateful to God that He takes care of me each day and blesses me with His love.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We too got rain yesterday and then again during the night AND this morning... It was wonderful... AND--they say we'll get even more... We need it....

AND--it's cooler... I enjoyed sitting out on the deck late this afternoon... Felt wonderful..

Hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

linda m said...

Sure hope your back is feeling better. I suffer from back problems so I know what it feels like.