Saturday, July 7, 2012


Made it to market on time today with hubbie's help. Daughter was just getting there as we pulled in also. We got things set up and she started selling her blackberries she picked this past week. Her and a friend picked about 11 gallons. She sold then all today and we also sold out of baked goods. Whew, what a busy day. I should have made more caramel cakes but with Coon Dog Day going on just down the road I didn't think I would be this busy.
I hate to hear people say they drove from a long way off just to get one of my caramel cakes and not have one to sell them. That happened twice today ,I just gave them a card and told them to call ahead next time and I would reserve one for them.
Another hot day,93 degrees, but evidently folks are getting used to the heat and they are going on with their activities normally.
There was a crowd at Coon Dog Day also even on the hot asphalt streets.
This raccoon probably had more on his mind than the heat !!

After market I picked up baking supplies and groceries on the way home. I was wanting to go to the Co-op to look for some good protein source foods but it was to hot for me to shop around.
Hubbie helped me unload when I got here at 3:30 and then I helped him make some green tomato/hot pepper pickles.
He bought a jar of these from a lady at a market we were shopping at and he asked her how she made them. My mom used to make these the same way so we gave it a try and he loved hers also.
If they are as good as either of these ladies' I'll publish the recipe.
Get a load of this 7 day forecast !!!!  What a relief with the temperatures later next week after these last couple weeks of 90+ temps !!!!
 Looks like we might get some much needed rain also.
Looking forward to worshiping God with my church family tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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