Monday, June 18, 2012


G-son arrived at 6:45 this morning and fell into bed for an extended sleep today,finally getting up about 9am.
I got up at my regular time had the chores and my breakfast done before I even heard him stir. He had a busy weekend.
After he had breakfast we went outside ,me to walk and him to play with what he now calls "his dog".
On my first pass by where he was playing I saw this.
 Skinned knees are a part of summer on a farm and there were no tears.
A Sponge bob band aid fixed him right up.
And it was back to  playing with his new friend around.
They walked and explored together for most of the morning.
Have no idea what they have  found under here.

While they did their thing I did mine , photographing some of my bloomers today.
I first thought these lilies  were dying as fast as they bloomed because of the wrinkled edges of the petals. But I think this is just the way they are.
My Beauty Berries are starting to bloom and it looks like there will be plenty of pretty berries.

The Hosta's are blooming nicely.
This white Butterfly bush has some of the largest blossoms I have ever seen on any of the bushes.
As always the Morning Glories greet me as I pass by them each morning.
When the sun and heat got to 82 we retreated inside to have lunch.
After lunch it clouded up and teased us with a few drops of rain then cleared off again.
We definitely need rain around here now.
We spent the afternoon doing some house cleaning, particularly in g-son's play room which looks like a tornado hit in there. After about 2 hours we had things separated into 3 piles, 1) throw away, 2) keep, 3) put away for the next little one.  I was surprised at what he agreed to put in each pile.
Some things he had to think about a while when I asked him if this was something he plays with now.
He couldn't wait for his Pawpaw to get home from work , to show off his clean room !
Soon after Pawpaw got home his dad picked him up to go to karate class.
I am going to attend a 12 week class at church on nutrition and weight loss that is being put on by a licensed nutritionalist who goes to our church. It started at 6:30 , daughter picked me up and we met d-in-love there, maybe we can encourage each other.
This is my weigh in percentages tonight,not good.

Maybe you can click on the chart and read it. The main goal for me is to get my body fat % under 25%.
The way I am going to do it is to start eating 6 small meals a day consisting of 250 calories,which include 25 grams of protein, 22 grams of carbs and 7 grams of fat.
There was a room full of folks there tonight,it'll be interesting to see how many return next week to  get serious about this program. It does include some moderate exercise which I already do.
I am determined to make this work for me to get to the best level of health I can get to. Each time I weigh or when I get all the measurements on the chart I'll post them on my blog. Hopefully to help keep me accountable. I'm excited about this !!!
I got home in time to get the chores done just before dark.
It is 10:30 ,I'm headed to bed for another early wake up call in the morning.
Thanking God for His many blessings of this day and for a wonderful church family of faithful believers.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love all of your bloomers, Marilyn...

Good Luck with your nutrition program. As you know, I have been doing this for a year. Things that have worked for me:
-keep a food journal
-I eat between 60-75 grams of protein per day.
-Keep the carbs to 75 grams (and eat the good carbs --like fruits)
-Keep the fat to less than 30 grams per day
--Drink at least 64 oz of water per day

Yours sounds similar... But--I only eat 3 meals per day and stay away from in-between meals...

Good Luck.. Keep me posted.

Claudia said...

I'm excited about this program too :)

I'm planning on coming back next Monday, but this time no kids with me hopefully.

Love all your flowers!!!