Friday, June 22, 2012


Today has been a bit stressful for me. #1 son had to work last night so he has today off and g-son is staying with him. Hubbie is off today also and headed out early to work some in the garden.
Daughter is attending a friends wedding rehearsal today and for some reason has to be there at 10am, the rehearsal isn't until 4:30 this afternoon !  So I get 2 extra dogs to babysit today.
As she left she didn't pay attention to Flash who was running behind her car barking ,when she didn't stop he followed her all the way to the highway.  After having spent the last week making sure he doesn't go down the drive to his old home this was not a good thing.
I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate,1 coconut, 3 pound and 1 wine cake this morning. Getting finished just in time to go with hubbie to a consultation at the endoscopy place in Asheville. He has decided to put off the colonoscopy for now because it would cost us so much with the insurance he has.
After we got home it started to storm and we received about 2/10ths of an inch of rain without too much thunder and lightening. It was just a drop in a very dry bucket but we'll take anything right now. Hubbie said earlier today that if we didn't get rain in the next couple days our garden probably would be gone. It is just now starting to produce vegetables so we are praying for a good soaking rain. The temperature today was 87 and the humidity level tonight is 100% but it is a cool 67 at 11:00.
#1 son and g-son came by for a while during the storm this afternoon then they left to get movies to go home and rest.
After chores this evening I relaxed for a little while before icing cakes. Daughter came by and picked up her dogs after the rehearsal dinner.
Sometimes I think about how busy we seem to be this year but then as I look back at the Junes of years past ,they were busier, so maybe I'm just getting older,haha !!
In June of 1992 it was Hubbie's turn to go to Cub Scout Camp with #2 son.
Here is hubbie watching over craft time as #2 son watches a friend finish his project.
 #2 son gets help from another leader with his project.

 Exercise was part of their daily routine. This is #2 son and his friend who remained one of his closer friends all through high school.
Here they practice target shooting skills.

We also had Bible School at our church in June that year.  I taught a class of 4 and 5 year olds that year. I always brought something interesting each day ,on this day it was a baby chick from our farm.
Here is #1 and #2 son with some of their classmates.#1 son in the black shirt and #2 son peeking over his shoulder.
This is daughter with some of her classmates. She is in the dark pink shirt and flowered pants.
This is one of her projects and I will say she has lived up to this pledge.
Our lives have always revolved around God and church activities and it is evident in the lifestyles of all three kids.
I thank God each day for the blessing He bestows on me and my kids and say prayers for them each day as they go through the challenges of this world.
God is so good all the time.
Good Night and God Bless.


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Claudia said...

I love the pics from VBS, I can recognize many little faces, how sweet!!!! and totally agree with the last picture and her pledge, so so so true!!!!!

Makes me look forward to this year's :)