Thursday, June 21, 2012


Chores to do before market and then with everything loaded I was off to meet daughter there.
We had a  slow day, I left and did banking while she was there and then she left when I got back to run some errands of hers.
It was hot today, upper 80's so I guess folks chose to stay in the air conditioning today.
After market I ran the rest of my errands and picked up baking supplies and some more Boar's Head meat and cheese from Ingles. I am so glad they started carrying this as I really love their meat and cheese.My favorite is .....
Salsalito Turkey Breast,yummmy and right now with ever pound of meat you get a free jar of delicatesain stye mustard which is very good.
When I came out of Ingles it was starting to sprinkle rain so I really got my hopes up but was disappointed when I got home as we didn't get anything wet here.
I unloaded and took a short rest while I watched the news.  As hubbie and I were eating supper #2 son called and wanted help moving some things over to daughter's as they are forecasting rain for late morning.
On the way back home the sun was creating some glorious colors across the sky as it set among the lingering clouds.

Grateful to God tonight for today's blessings and for the beautiful world He created.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous sky pictures... We are VERY VERY dry here --and need rain desperately... We are now watering the container plants and roses.

That turkey breast looks delicious...Yum!!!

Have a good Friday.