Thursday, June 28, 2012


Early morning chores to get ready for market today. For some reason lately I can't seem to find a routine that gets me to market on time these days.
Today was another 10 minute late arrival and I realized I forgot to cut fresh basil and oregano last night but at least I remembered the extra yellow squash.
My table between noon and one. I have sold slowly this morning as there have been few folks through market today.

This is the aisle both directions from my table .

Me speaking with one of the few folks who wandered through today.

The conversation is all about the heat wave coming, starting today as it was 95 degrees on my way home this evening.

In my opinion the media is causing panic over a typically normal happening in the summer months.
For as long ago as I can remember there have been days each summer with the temperatures in the mid to upper 90's . Folks that's just "the good ole summer time" !!
Daughter came in and helped me load after she left her basketball camp that she has been helping with this week at the local high school.
I ran regular errands and picked up some groceries and baking supplies on the way home. Also treated myself to a stop at Goodwill just to look around. I found a few things I will photograph later.
Hubbie was home from work by the time I got here and we unloaded the van and watched the news while taking a cooling off break. Then after supper and evening chores #2 son came by to work on the barn with hubbie.
The new renters came by and visited for a while, they are starting to move in this weekend. He is going to bale the hay tomorrow.

I have almost let this month slip away without finishing my decade photos. In June of 2002  we were busy.
This is hubbie taking a break from cooking on the old wood cookstoves on Old Timey day at market that year.
 Old Timey Day was a family affair that year, here are #1 and #2 son with a long time friend and market vendor Stanley who passed away a few years later.
My table in June of 2002

At that time I sold as many craft items as baked goods,unlike now.
This is my cousin and his wife who came by to visit with me that day.
And here is my nephew who was with me alot back then after his mom and dad separated. This guy just graduated high school this month. Wow where does the time go ??
It is still 74 degrees tonight at 11:00.
Grateful to God for the blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.


knancy said...

I am older than you, but I certainly see a wise woman in you. I check your blog every day (actually late at night) because you are what keeps this country going. Please pass all you know to your daughter - she/we are the life force - sometimes sons don't listen to their Moms. Keep farming!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat post from Knancy....

This heat wave is the worst for us since we moved here in 2003... Here on the Cumberland Plateau, it can get up into the 90's---but never over 100 degree. All of the cities in TN set a record today --Knoxville was 101; Chattanooga-103; Nashville- 105, etc.... AND--we will have these temps for THREE days at least--maybe more.

Today was the first day since I started feeding the birds that the suet I had put out MELTED....

AND--it is very dry here. Our grass is brown... Kinda scary to think about fires around here.. (Gripe Gripe Gripe.... ha ha )

Such is life!!!!!

NCmountainwoman said...

Have a good weekend and stay cool!

linda m said...

Very hot here in WI also (much earlier than normal). I guess that is what is getting me down. But I do try to stay positive about the heat - thankful just to have air conditioning.