Saturday, June 9, 2012


Off to market early to meet daughter. Hubbie is staying home this morning waiting for #1 son and g-son to arrive to work on the clearing,and grading projects today.
We had another busy day at market thankfully. Daughter stayed all day except for a trip to the bank and to a small resale shop just up the street from market.
My basement cleaning yesterday is causing me some severe back and mostly hip pain today,whew !!
I am going to hopefully rest this weekend from all the lifting,pulling,etc. of the past week.
After market I picked up some baking supplies on the way home and stopped at a produce stand for some fresh veges for lunch tomorrow.
When I got home the new barn site was completed and hubbie and #1 son were waiting on me to stay with g-son while they went to work on the water hole at the creek.
Sadie checks out the new barn site.

The watering hole at the creek hasn't been used in years and has slowly completely filled in with sand as the creek water rises and falls during heavy rains.
He had to move a lot of sand to make it so that the cattle and horses can get to the water. Now it will have to be totally re-fenced before we can use it.

On to the next project, cleaning out an old road bed that has filled in for an easier way to access the back pasture.
It has been a beautiful day for outside work, the temperature got up to 82 this afternoon but a breeze and intermitent clouds kept it from feeling to hot.
The sky clouded up this evening just as the sun went down.
As I walked back to the house from the bottom I looked at how nice this hill looks cleaned off and had ideas now for some other projects to get things cleaned up around here.
#1 son is a really good machine operator and I am surely glad he is willing to exchange work hours with hubbie.

After chores tonight I am still nursing a sore hip but the walking this afternoon seemed to help loosen it up.
Daughter took one of my caramel cakes to one of her good friends this evening who just became the mother to this adorable little girl.
To bad they live in Black Mountain, daughter is a wonderful baby sitter !!

Grateful to God tonight for the blessing of the wonderful family He blessed me with.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like your family is working hard to get that horse barn built. That is neat --and the renters will enjoy being able to use it.

Take care of yourself. You are pushing yourself TOO hard... Should I say: SLOW DOWN... I worry about you.


Gail said...

All that work is looking good.

I would be willing to trade some work!