Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I had a wonderful day today,yes it was wonderful even though after g-son flushed a commode early this morning and it hung up running water straight through for over an hour at the same time a load of laundry was running, causing sand to get sucked up into the washer screens and shutting the water off. I took the hoses loose and cleaned the screens only to have to repeat the process after the washer filled up one time.
The day was another hot one 84 degrees,g-son played inside most of the day. I started my new eating program which is going to have to be tweeked quite a bit.
I carried water to all the thirsty potted plants this evening as we still have not received any rain. However I did pick our first mess of yellow squash and the first cucumber this evening from our withering garden.
In my wonderful day one of my ovens took on a mind of its own tonight and couldn't hold a set temperature,browning some tops of some cakes. I am baking tonight because tomorrow hubbie is taking the day off and he ,I and daughter are going to put the rafters on our pole barn. So baking tonight and it is 11:30 and I just put the last layers in the oven.
And yes even with the problems of the day it was a wonderful day, especially if I compare it with the day of one of my dear friends,neighbors and high school classmate who needs a liver transplant and was unresponsive this morning when her husband tried to wake her. She was rushed to the hospital in town and later transferred to Mission Hospital in Asheville. So now you know why I say my day was wonderful !!
Here are some scenes around the farm today.
Flash and Annie watch me hang out towels from the shade.

With the mild winter these last year's pots of petunias came back and are blooming again this year.

This is the pole barn after #1 and #2 son and hubbie have everything ready for the roof.

Thanking God for my wonderfully blessed day and praying for another one tomorrow. Also praying for my friend Rhonda tonight that He might touch and give her relieve from the intense pain she is suffering.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes, let's all pray for Rhonda.

Hot here also today --even though we went to Hendersonville (TN) to continue the process of cleaning out Dad Adams' home there (since he now lives with daughter, Janet).

Dad and Mom Adams never seemed to throw much of anything away--all through the years. What a mess!!!! It will take us a year just to clean it out --in order to get ready to sell it.

Good Luck with your pole barn.

Gail said...

Hot and dry and no relief in sight. This is sad news for farmers and cattle.

Have a wonderful day.