Sunday, May 27, 2012


#1 son called early today to see if g-son ate anything yesterday that could have made him sick. I didn't have to even think about that question,I already knew the answer was yes. We had gotten him some fries and he had to have ranch dressing to dip them in. The bottle of ranch dressing was sitting out in the heat and I felt of it to see if it was cool and it was not. I should have insisted he not eat it but caving to the wants of g-son I let him eat it. So he is throwing up this morning.
#1 son stayed home from church with him hoping he would get better before funeral time,which is 3:00 while the rest of us attended church service.
The plans were for him to go to a friends house to play for the afternoon. After church he was no better so I decided since I was responsible for his sickness that I would stay home with him.
#1 son and hubbie are pallbearers at the funeral of hubbie's cousin and d-in-love is playing music with her father at his restaurant today.
Daughter offered to stay with g-son but she was already dressed for the funeral so I stayed. Brother in law who is also a pallbearer and sis-in-law came over and they all took 2 cars because there isn't much parking room at this small church.
G-son hasn't thrown up since he's been here and is feeling better so now he is hungry and I'm trying to keep him from over loading a sensitive stomach with to much waffle right now. He has been sipping sprite and I heard him burp a little while ago so I figured he was getting over the upset.
With g-son on the mend I spent some time house shopping for #2 son and came up with several more for him to look at.
When hubbie got home from the funeral he said it went well as could be expected. I pray that the family can began the healing process now.
Hubbie ,#1 son and #2 son made this a workday Sunday and worked on #1 son's deck while they are all off work they can finish it tomorrow.
I ran to Ingles for some groceries at their BOGO Memorial day sale.
Watching the news tonight I'm glad I'm not planning a holiday beach trip. Tropical storm Beryl is playing havock all along the east coast.

Looks like a lot of rain coming on shore and as it turns north I wonder where it will go ?
They are predicting it will head north along the coast all the way to New England making for a miserable week all along the coast.
With g-son here sick today I turned on our air conditioner. May is very early for us to need the air on but it will make it easier to sleep and with the coming humidity from the storm it will feel nice.
I miss laying in bed listening to the crickets and tree frogs and miss waking up to birds singing outside my bedroom window each morning. Maybe the temperatures will become more seasonal and I can turn it off later in the week.
I am grateful for the recovery of g-son and that he was no more sick than he was and for all the other blessings that came my way today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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