Tuesday, May 15, 2012


UHHHH !!!! My nose and sinus's hurt this morning. I hurried through chores in time to get daughter's jeep to the shop this morning to see if they can stop an antifreeze leak.
I got back home and had time to eat my breakfast before it was time to go with #2 son to check out a house. When the realtor got there she told us that the house was in short sale and it might be 4-6 months after your offer before they let you know anything. That news coupled with the fact that it has a shared well and huge pine tree that leaned over it from the neighboring property I don't think son was interested anymore.
I left to pick up g-son and make baking supply pick ups at Aldi and Sav-Mor.
We made it home about 12:30 for lunch. I started laundry and he settled in to play with his stuffed animal friends and watch TV.
It is still cloudy outside and passing storms turn the sky almost black at times as they skirt off to the north of our area thankfully.
I finished 3 loads of laundry along with dusting duty today.
I feel yucky but I wouldn't feel any better if I just layed down and let this burning in my nose win.
After his mom picked up g-son I ate a salad supper and did the evening chores.
We are under a flash flood watch.
Our bottom pasture is still standing full of water. The ground is so saturated from all the recent rain we've had.
I've taken it easy tonight and held a warm pad over my nose and sinus to ease the burning pain. It may be an interesting night trying to sleep !
A couple post ago I posted about my high school graduation, and 10 years later in May of 1982 I was a wife and mother. We always made a spring beach trip and this year we went with my recently married youngest brother and his wife.
Here they are on Myrtle Beach,SC with hubbie as he holds #1 son. .

I  still looked good in a bikini after that 1st baby !!!!
#1 son was just like g-son the first time he saw the ocean ,he wasn't afraid at all and loved getting in the salty water.
Can you tell he was a happy 7 month old baby boy !!!
What's not to be happy about when you are the "man of the hour" and getting all the attention !!!
His face in this picture says he's not quite sure about this pony ride !!???

Life was great for my little family in 1982 but little did we know that our little family was in for a big surprise shortly. ( tune in next month for details)

Through my sniffles I am typing this early tonight in hopes that an early bedtime will bring a pain free night of sleep and I'll feel better in the morning.
God is good and I am placing #2 son's house hunt in His hands as some things that are happening seem to be for a reason unknown to us. Grateful for a loving God that I can trust with all things.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I always love seeing your old family shots. NEAT.... Glad you turn these into a book also. (You did look great in a bikini!)

Hope your son finds the 'perfect' house--like your daughter finally did...

Hope you feel better.

Gail said...

Heal quickly and send some of that rain our way, please.

Susie Swanson said...

Love your old family photos..Hope you get well soon..I'm having the same thing and blamimg it on the weather..Been so wet and rainy...Take care..Susie