Thursday, May 10, 2012


 A cool,refreshing morning for sure today. But with the bright sunshine all the chickens and cows look revived after a few days of cloudy dreary rainy weather.
Market has been fairly busy this morning. I'm glad I changed my capris for long pants as it is noon and I've just now taken my jacket off.
These old concrete block walls without insulation hold the coolness of the night for most of the day.
This is me before I took off the jacket this morning.

Sad news for a couple market vendors, one of the older ladies who weaves rugs fell yesterday and broke her hip,she is 83. Another lady who makes dog treats had a car accident and luckily only has an injured arm to go along with a totaled car. Some one pulled out in front of her so she is very fortunate to have minimal injuries.
Caught up with a couple friends at market and talked to sis-in-law who came by all excited to be making a trip to Australia to visit her family.
After market I ran weekly errands and made a couple Avon deliveries before heading home to meet g-son who is spending the night with us.
The high temperature today has been 66 with a breeze so it is feeling cool this evening as I pushed g-son on his swing until hubbie got home from work. We all went inside to have supper.
 He is a happy boy !!
I had to move some chicks around tonight to make room for new chicks that are hatching in the kindergarten class at daughter's school. I have a red silkie that has been determined to set for weeks now and I think it's time she had some chicks to raise so I plan on giving her those chicks.
This white Silkie's eggs have started to hatch tonight, she has 2 so far.
The main reason I love having chickens around ,that is, besides these delicious eggs.
Is the fact that they are just so darn adorable when they are little.
On this cool night this is a warm place to be for these babies.
After I got back inside I saw two tired boys getting ready for bath and bed.
After getting clothes layed out for school and lunch box packed with snack  they retired for the night leaving me to blog and watch the news before I can take my spot beside them.
God is so good everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Jean said...

It was on the cool side here in Georgia. Hope your 2 friends recover quickly.

I love your baby chicks.

The guys sure look relaxed.:)