Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Deja vu from Sunday again today..
D-in-love had an early job interview this morning and g-son wasn't feeling well so he was back on the couch today. The red marks on his face are from a fall on the mat yesterday at karate lessons. He tried to eat a waffle and had to throw it back up but after eating a bit more and drinking some iced sprite he dozed off to sleep and slept 3 hours.
While he slept I did 3 loads of laundry and cleaned house. The sun and clouds kept fighting today but I did manage to get bed sheets and a comforter dried on the line.
Tropical storm Beryl's rain bands fizzled out before they reached us today and we stayed cloudy until this evening after chore time and a cold front heading east brought rain as darkness fell.
When g-son woke up he felt much better and when mom and dad came after him he wanted cheese pizza and bread sticks so I think he was over his stomach ache.
We think he just over did things yesterday as he got over his sickness from Sunday. He played hard all day and went to swimming and karate lessons.
Today has been an inside day for me as I watched g-son and I got some cleaning done but I feel like a caged animal that has been set free this evening and just stood for a while in the garden and enjoyed the fresh moist air.
At our house the schedule is getting ready to undergo some major changes as school ends. Hubbie switches his day off, instead of his regular Monday, he has Friday's off all summer. D-in-love hopefully is getting a new job and with that my g-son watching hours will change. Life is a constant state of change. I always wonder what changes each day will bring in my family's lives.
May is always a month of  changes and new beginnings with each graduation. In May 2002 we didn't have any children graduating but daughter's long time b-friend graduated and daughter was a Marshall at his ceremony.
This is daughter with then b-friend Nate.
And here is daughter with best friend Andrea.
This is #2 son chatting with one of his high school class mates from last year's graduation.

This year one of my nephews is graduating from this same high school .

Thanking God for the blessing of recovery for g-son and for the constant blessings I receive from His love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We did get the cold front (it is cooler tonight) but no rain here. It got dark with thunder a couple of times but only a few drops one time... Don't know how we can always miss the rain--but we can... We need some rain for the flowers!!!!

Sorry about your grandson. Sounds like a 'bug' instead of food poisoning now... Bless his heart...