Monday, May 7, 2012


The sky was party cloudy this morning but the low 70's temperature felt really nice. After chores as I walked I noticed my Kousa Dogwood tree in bloom .

I love these sweet little 4 bract blooms. The tree is planted near my bird feeding stations because the fruit is especially tasty to the birds. It is even edible to humans but I'll just let the birds enjoy it.
As I walked the path between #1 son's and our house I saw this beautiful native azalea blooming.

And this Mountain Laurel is starting to show it's pretty spring color.

 I remember growing up as a child in these woods and usually this was one of the first things that bloomed in spring,you think it knows how fickle the weather can be around these mountains so that it waits until now to open it's pretty blossoms????

Had a visit from the soy bean growing neighbor this morning, but hubbie and I have decided not to go that route with our bottom pastures. We are still in the thought process of what we are going to do down there. But having all that beautiful grass killed to grow soybeans just didn't seem right.
I picked up g-son from pre-school and after lunch we read his library book about ants and practiced the nursery rhyme he choose to recite tomorrow, Humpty Dumpty.  He is so smart !!
Mom came to get him early today for swimming lessons at the YMCA.
I took the afternoon and piddled around, I pulled weeds from the garden and fed them to the chickens and took it easy.
Hubbie worked today to fill in for another man on vacation this week so when he got home from work we made a trip to Sam's Club and then with clouds that looked like rain any minute we tilled  and planted some old timey field corn in 3 rows at the back of our garden. It sprinkled a little just as we finished but then stopped when we came inside. We need some rain,maybe later tonight and tomorrow !
Had some time to search for May decade pictures and found one of my mom sitting on my dad's car in May of 1952.
 She had never driven a car before she married my dad. This is his 1950 or 1951  oldsmobile that was our family car until the late 60's when they bought a 1967 Chevelle.

Having some trouble with Avon today, they changed my district which was fine and changed my delivery day to Saturday which was okay. But guess what,  my order didn't come on Saturday, instead they shipped it UPS and it arrived late this evening. That is going to make it harder for me to get the orders to my customers. I left a message with my new district manager so we'll see how good she is to work with and what options she comes up with for me. I'm surely not making enough money off this to put up with any aggravation !!
Here in North Carolina tomorrow is primary election day. We have already voted in the early voting place on hubbie's day off. I encourage everyone to get out and exercise your right to vote.
Thanking God or my blessings and far a wonderful relaxing day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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