Thursday, April 18, 2013


A cloudy morning again as I hurried through chores to get ready for market.
Maybe if the clouds hang around they will keep the temps down and we can avoid those severe storms later today.
#1 son came through and said g-son was independently doing everything for himself this morning getting ready for school with one hand. As soon as he got in the classroom he was surrounded by his classmates.
Market was slow today but I am very thankful for the sales I did have. One of the camps I serve is starting to get going and they picked up 3 cakes today.
At almost noon I can see patches of blue sky now appearing as the clouds break up and the temperature is holding around 71 degrees today.
I have worked a crossword puzzle and caught up on all my blog reading, so what to do next to ward off the boredom?
Finally close enough to closing time to sneak out a bit early. I did my weekly errands and just got inside Aldi grocery store when #2 son called and asked if I would go up to his house and meet the Home Depot guys that were delivering his riding lawn mower today. They had called him and said they were on their way.
They were waiting when I got there before they unloaded the mower because they had to have someone sign to confirm the delivery.
He got a Cub Cadet mower like ours,just not quite as big. His grass definitely needed mowing,maybe he got home in time tonight to try out the new mower!
I stopped at his old house on my way home to visit with  little Evy. Her mom said she went to the doctor this morning and had gained 2 pounds already. She is an alert baby for sure.
I got home at 4:45 and was unloading when hubbie came in from work . After we got everything put away I ate a salad supper,watched the early news of the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas that totally destroyed the plant and numerous houses and other buildings around it spreading out to most of the town of Waco. They are still searching for victims of the blast tonight with a death tole already at 14 and expected to rise. There were 160 at least injured in the blast that happened last night. Right now this just looks like an industrial accident, not a terrorist attack.
The explosion was so strong it measured on the richter  scale a 2.1 putting up a mushroom cloud.

And some breaking news in the Boston marathon bombing, they have these 2 guys on surveilance videos with these heavy backpacks and one of them is pictured setting his pack down at the spot of the second bombing.
Word is that the authorities are now thinking this was an act of foreign terrorism. I just hope they can catch these guys and know for sure where they are from and why they sat those bombs off that day.
Fortunately no other victims have died but there are numerous reports of lost legs.
Daughter came by tonight from a coach's meeting at the high school to pick up her baking supplies she asked me to pick up today.
After chores I relaxed out in the sunroom with my 4-legged kids watching darkness fall while we listened to the night sounds of frogs singing and birds fluttering in the trees,getting comfortable for the night.
It is nice to sit out here with the doors and windows open but that won't be the case this weekend as "dogwood winter" is making an appearance and hanging on for a while with some 30's predicted.
 Drag the long pants and jackets back out !!
At least I haven't bothered to put my plants outside yet.  I still won't complain too much as I look at the snowfall in the midwest and the flooding in the Ohio Valley states. Tomorrow looks to be a wash out for us but maybe the severe storms will stay at bay.
Thanking God for today's blessings and  striving to glorify His name in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

When you typed 'while we listened to the night sounds of frogs singing and birds fluttering in the trees,getting comfortable for the night.', it made me doubly thankful to live in this great country, even tho tragedies do happen. Have a nice Friday.