Monday, April 8, 2013


Yuck and double yuck !!  Getting back into the regular routine this morning after a week off was hard to do. Especially for me as I didn't sleep well at all last night due to sinus pressure in my nose and eyes.
Hubbie took g-son to school and when he got there g-son decided he didn't want to go to school today but finally bucked up and went on after a little encouragement.
I did morning chores on a very nice morning, sunny and 50 degrees before 9am, wonderful !!
Checked on the chick hatch this morning and found this one hen with 4 chicks and one egg that was hatching (note the hole in the closest egg).
First hatch of the season.
Unfortunately the other hen in these condo brooder boxes has not hatched any chicks yet and this is her 22nd day.
I put a bunch of hay in with the quails in hopes that they would nest and start laying eggs.
Strangely the mail is "Bobwhitting" every morning and evening as if searching for a mate ???
The yard is getting more colorful each warm day as this Almond bush sprang into bloom overnight.
And the Violet blooms are peeking through their beautiful dark green leaves.
This one grew randomly in this pot and it continues to come back each year and spread as you can see by the smaller plant at the right.
Hubbie spent the morning at church repair painting some spots where someone tried to spot paint marks on the walls with the wrong type of paint.
After lunch we decided to disc  the garden to check the temperature and moisture of the soil.
We decided it was warm enough to go ahead and plant early vegetables
He tilled and layed off my rows and I planted lettuce,radishes,spinach,kohlrabi, collard greens and peas. He is going to pick up some onion sets tomorrow to finish out this row.
While I went to pick up g-son he unhooked the disc  and greased it up for the season.
After a short break with g-son we all headed outside to plant potatoes. We had 2 and 1/2 rows of kennebecs and 1/2 row of red pontiacs for early eating.
Hubbie took what we had left over up to my brothers and gave them to him as he only plants a very small amount of things.
I fertilized and spread spectracide to keep the grubs out so the moles won't be tunneling through the garden.
G-son enjoyed the evening playing outside in the warm weather even with the strong wind that has blown all day. His dad worked for a while on his lawn mower. He decided it needs a new starter.
We are planting a garden but there are some places that winter is not ready to let go of yet as these huge amounts of snow are expected.
Wow, thankfully none of this is supposed to come our way.
Headed to bed very early tonight to hopefully make up for the lost sleep of last night.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

Thank goodness for winter, where we are to rest to get ready for the upcoming work outside, and looks like you have your work cut out already.

linda m said...

Happy to hear you were able to get outside and get some work done. We are no where near being able to do yard work. It is raining since yesterday with rain expected all week. Flood watch out until Friday. Blessings