Thursday, April 25, 2013


Another cool morning at 38 degrees today. Got g-son to school and made it to market on time. I stayed busy for awhile husking the last three bunches of money plant that I had hung in my sewing shop. This is from year before last as there was no money plant last year because of the early heat,then freezing temps of last spring. Hopefully this year I will be able to re-stock.
While I waited on the few customers that came through I got all three bunches ready for sale. Even almost two years old the "money" is still really shiny white and pretty.
I had a decent day after all and took a couple orders for Saturday.
After market I made my regular errand stops and picked up baking supplies. When I got home #1 son and g-son were here bringing their trailer back.  After a short visit they headed home and hubbie and I unloaded my van and then watched the news. Both of us struggled to stay awake and  I finally got up and went outside to do the evening chores. When I came back inside I made a quick turn in the kitchen putting away some things and got really dizzy. Thankfully it passed and I hope that it was only from the lack of sleep I got last night. My nose was already stuffy when I went to bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow it felt like something sat down on my nose and face so I probably only got about 4 hours  sleep. I'll be so glad when all this pollen dies down a bit.
I felt fine the rest of the evening after I ate supper.
Tonight we have a freeze warning in our area. The apple growers are nervous as the apple trees are in full bloom right now. We have some ghostly figures around our yard as hubbie covered the new tender grape and blueberry plants he sat out earlier this month.
Hopefully they will be spared and won't have the same devastating loss like they did last April. With only 5 more days left in April I know every grower and gardener will sigh a sigh of relief when next Tuesday comes. Although the blackberries haven't bloomed yet and that always brings a cold spell even if it's in May.
God is good all the time and don't forget He loves you !!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

We have a frost advisory here.. Hope this is the last one... We've had such weird weather the past couple of months --and George's container roses (some of them) aren't looking very healthy so far. Hope they make it --and hope it warms up to STAY soon.

I'll say a prayer for the apple crop in your area... SO scary!


linda m said...

WE still haven't warmed up here in S.E. WI either. I am hoping one of these days Spring arrives. I'll say a prayer for the apple crop. Blessings

linda eller said...

Sure hope you are feeling much better, and hope it doesnt get too cold there for the apple crop. We are due approximately 4 in. of rain this coming weekend....boooo!