Tuesday, April 30, 2013


April comes to a close with almost normal temperatures for a change. I actually put on capri pants this morning with a t-shirt.
G-son came in carrying his cast this morning so he could show his friends what was inside it. He isn't moving his arm around much and says it feels stuck in the same position the cast held it in for the last 2 weeks.
 The morning temperature on the way to school was 49 and the high for the afternoon was 69 which are both right at normal for this day.
I had a routine early morning getting laundry and housework started after chores ,breakfast and devotions. About 10:15 the appraisor for #1 son's house called and said she would be there about 11:00. They are re-financing their double wide to lower their payment. After staying with her until noon I came home for lunch and then continued with my Tuesday workday.
After picking up g-son and getting him fed I changed the furniture covers and put away the spring decorations. I didn't have time to put out new decor yet but hopefully will have time tomorrow.
April  has been a cool month except for about a week of above normal temperatures. There has been no shortage of rain this month giving us a surplus of over seven inches for our area for the year so far.
Thursday market days started for me this month but have been slow along with even the Saturdays.
Hubbie,daughter,g-son and I made our spring flea market trip to Pickens during the spring break week.
We got our early garden finally planted this month but with the cool temps it has been slow to come up.
G-son had an accidental fall and dislocated his left elbow putting him in a full arm cast for two weeks and ending his first soccer season.
We had one birthday this month in the family as d-in-love turned 31 years old on the 24th.
Our country suffered a terrorist attack when 2 young muslim brothers set off bombs at the Boston marrathon. One was killed in a gunfight with police and the other who was wounded was captured the next day,they are from Russia.
Looking forward at May's weather predictions it looks like we will have a pretty normal month.

Guess we'll see if these predictions come true about 31 days from now !
My little quail that is injured seems to be doing fine and is enjoying the freedom of being in a cage without worrying about being pecked in the head each time she comes out to eat or drink.
I sent in an Avon order tonight for the first time in about a month. Avon is evidently going through some serious downsizing of it's own as they have shut their Atlanta facility, where my orders always came from, and now are shipping everything from their Ohio plant. I wonder what it will do to the timing of receiving my order.
Grateful for today's many blessings as I praise my Heavenly Father and bask in His never ending love.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

Looking forward to what May will bring us.

linda m said...

I hope May is much better for you. Ours started with temps in the 80's and then fell back into the 50's last night. Going on vacation so I'll be off line for about a week. Blessings