Sunday, April 7, 2013


Needed to get to church a little early this morning to  meet a friend that was bringing some daffodils from her yard to go with my forsythia for a bouquet for the communion table.
This is our finished product.
Our senior pastor has returned from a mission trip to Turkey and all was back to normal today. Aaron and Rebecca brought their baby to church this morning along with her mom and brother's family . I felt really bad for her mother who was leaving them this afternoon going back to her home in Iowa.
She was so sad she couldn't even talk about it without crying.
It made me feel very lucky to be able to have g-son around all the time.
After a lunch with everyone here daughter,g-son and I went over to check out what was left at the estate sale we usually go to. Daughter bought a book and that was all we found today.
After we took g-son home she brought me home and then left to catch up on some work before her school week starts tomorrow.
I took the time this evening while hubbie went to his deacon's meeting toenjoy my 4-legged kids as we snuggled in a chair in the sunroom and watched the  birds and squirrels. Each time a squirrel got close enough Bernie had to jump down and run to the door so he could watch the squirrel run up a tree. Then he would come back to me looking so proud of himself.
Hubbie and I had a relaxing evening to bring this very nice partly cloudy,warm Sunday to a close.
Grateful to God tonight for always loving me even when I don't deserve them He still showers me with glorious blessings.
Good Night and God bless

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