Wednesday, April 24, 2013


My morning got a really good laughing start today as after g-son had eaten his breakfast he asked if he could go outside and walk his dog before he went to school. I said sure and watched as he led his wooden toy dog around the drive way,talking to it all along. Yea that was a fun and cute and a good way to start a day !
This is a pic of the toy dog and Flash as he played with them both yesterday afternoon.

I think Flash is jealous !!
I did chores and then headed out for a walk before the clouds completely take over and the promised rain begins. I walked in the bottom pasture along the creek and noticed how finally everything is turning the spring bright green color it should be.
As I passed by the farm pond seeing these tadpoles brought back memories of my childhood.
Each spring I would always scoop up a bucket of tadpoles,sometimes even getting lucky enough to find a huge bullfrog tadpole, I would bring them up to the house and make my own little pool to keep them in so I could see what they turned into.   I watched and waited day by day as they grew their tiny legs and began to look more and more like the toads they would soon turn into. I thought the transformation was amazing. Now I think back and feel fortunate to have lived in a place to have been able to witness such amazing wonders of nature. My dad would always tell me to take them back to the pond before they all hopped out of my small pools and died without enough water. Each night when I lay in bed listening to the singing toads and frogs I think back to the carefree days of watching tadpoles turn into toads and frogs. Maybe that's why I love for the windows to be open for that comfortable warm feeling that I get from nature's lullabye.
This is the start of our spring garden with peas,radishes,onions and some lettuce coming up and  joining the cabbage plants hubbie sat out.
We are way behind most years and even last year we were already harvesting some fresh things from the garden at this time. The colder temps that keep hanging on has everything behind this year. Today the temperature was 63 but under the clouds and with the brisk wind that blew all day it was uncomfortable outside.
I did housework and looked for photos to fill a photo holder I found at Goodwill last week. After lunch I didn't feel up to par to I took it slow for awhile changing some decorations and tying up some loose ends on little jobs that get put off.
As soon as g-son got home this afternoon he took his dog for another walk while I fixed him something to eat. His dad picked him up early for church tonight.
After they left I was feeling better so I needed to get some things done. I closed these 10 cushion covers that I stuffed yesterday.
I have an order for 6 of them to be picked up Saturday. If I had some stools I would definitely have these in my kitchen. They are a bit small for my dining room chairs.
Tonight darkness found me not relaxing in the sunroom but at my desk in my office doing weekly paperwork and juggling bills. This is April and we are still coming up short at the end of the month. Hubbie gets payed once a month on the last day and it is challenging to stretch that money in the months that market is slow for me. Sometimes I have to push bills into the next month and I hate to do that because I feel like I start the month already playing catch up !! Sometimes when I look at our bills like our Direct TV bill which seems to go up every month without notification of any kind I just want to go back to the old way of watching TV with only the local channels. For me that would be fine but hubbie likes some of the shows on the history and other nature channels so I guess as long as all our bills balance out sooner or later we'll leave things alone. I laugh at times when I think of what my daddy would say about paying almost $80 a month to watch TV or buying bottled water or many of the other conveniences that we pay for and  take for granted each day.
Hopefully my business will pick up soon and these worries will go away for awhile.
Today is a special day for my daughter in law as she turns 31 years old today. Happy Birthday and I hope this day and all days are special for you. She celebrated early last weekend with a trip to Beaufort,SC with daughter and good friend Claudia for a girls only relaxing time. She is on the far left.

I am so very thankful for the blessings I get each day and so grateful for a merciful Lord and Savior.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I love the "apple" cushions; they are so cheerful. I know what you mean about the bills. Since I took early retirement it has been hard some months to make ends meet. And those stupid bills where they raise your rate without notice are hard to swallow. So far the Lord has provided and I thank Him every day. I'll say a prayer for you and your hubby. Blessings

linda eller said...

I can relate to being paid once a month and it is sometimes difficult to make it last or stretch it out. Love the chair cushions...cheery!