Monday, April 22, 2013


G-son arrived very talkative this morning. Hubbie took him to school while I was able to snuggle with my 4-legged kids under the warm covers a little extra.
It is 38 degrees but for some reason feels colder as I go through chores. Sure enough the little white silkie hatched all the 5 eggs I placed under her.
She was keeping them under her warm feathers all day in the low 60's temperatures with a brisk breeze keeping the sunshine from warming it up.
Hubbie and I spent the morning running errands. We went to Target to get a drawer pod holder to fit under my Keurig coffee maker. They were the closest store that had one of these storage drawers.I don't have much counter space and needed this to save space.
We came back through Fletcher to Foam and Fabrics to pick up some more apple designed chair cushion material for an order I have for next Saturday.
By this time it was noon so we stopped by a Subway for our favorite Italian BMT sub.
Then it was to Southern States feed store for a restock on all our animal feed. Also found some nice cabbage plants.
Our last stop was Sam's Club for some things we were out off and then we made it home around 1:30.
For some reason we are being invaded by field rats around the foundation of our house. They are digging holes and tunneling all around the flower beds and under the porches. We have never had this problem before and can't put out poison because of the dogs,especially Sadie who was seen killing one of the rats a couple days ago.  Hubbie has declared a trapping war on them,setting muliple traps around the beds. He has made covers for them so the dogs don't get "trapped". He caught 2 last night and has added more traps this afternoon. Thankfully they can't get through the cement foundation to come inside the house but I hate to have all the holes around for rain to run down in beside the foundation.
After I picked g-son up from school he played outside for a while. He is in one of his wants to be outside all the time moods these days so that's fine by me. I had much rather see him out there getting exercise than sitting in front of the TV every afternoon.
After chores I got out the last bunch of dried okra from last year's garden to take to market and noticed these little purple flowers had dried  perfectly along with the okra.
This evening was a dog grooming evening as Bernie and Dolly got haircuts and baths. We hated to do it on this cool evening but tomorrow is supposed to warm up to 70 with sunshine. They are both wrapped in warm blankets on the couch as I write this tonight.
It is 46 degrees at 11:30 tonight so I'm looking for mid to upper 30's again tonight with the cloudless sky.
Today was Earth Day 2013 and as I looked around at all the beautiful green grass and blooming plants on this spring day I prayerfully thanked God for the unmatched beauty He created. May we as caretakers of His creations always be vigilant in the effort to preserve their beauty.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Since spring has come later this year, I think we are enjoying it more... Our big trees are finally beginning to leaf... SO nice to see all of the colors.

Sorry about the rats... Our biggest problem here are the Chipmunks. They are EVERYWHERE --and love to dig tunnels in our flowerbeds...

Very beautiful day here --and warmer!!!! Love it! BUT--the rains and cooler temps come back in a couple of days!!!!


linda m said...

WE don't have rats but do have the pesky chipmunks. Earth Day was finally a nice day around here - no rain. Good luck with getting rid of your rats. Blessings

linda eller said...

Ants invade us and we have to be pro-active quickly. You are one busy lady for sure, and I used to be the same way, so I appreciate all you do. Hope you have warmth and sunshine today.

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