Saturday, April 20, 2013


A cool 36 degree welcome this morning got my attention quickly as I did the morning feeding chores.
Market was slow today. There were a couple other activities going on in town so maybe that's why. Thankful for what I did sell as always.
After a stop at Harris teeter for some "on sale" specials and a stop at the local fresh produce market that just opened today  I made it home around 3:00. I was tickled with the fresh produce,yes it's Florida grown but at least it's not frozen or been in a store for days !!
I bought fresh corn of the cob ,half runner beans, yellow squash, bell pepper,tomatoes and red potatoes mostly for our Sunday lunch tomorrow with left overs for the week,yum.
After we got things put away hubbie finished mowing the lawn and I went on a photograph journey.
Each time I walk into the living room from the hallway this azalea just takes my breath in this window.
Outside it is even more breath taking.
Our apple trees are loaded with blooms, I am hoping these cold nights stay above freezing as predicted for the next several days.
My lilac is starting to put on some blooms,hopefully it will have more blossoms than it did last year.
I got to relax in the warm 63 degree sunshine for awhile and watch my little feathered friends at the re-filled feeders.
This little Chirping Sparrow tips his little red head for a photo.
I am surprised to see this White-Throated Sparrow still hanging around these parts, maybe the cooler temperatures have him confused.

The brightly colored Gold Finches dine together.
Then argue !!!
The "Mr." wins the battle and looks proud of himself as he scouts for more intruders at "his" feeder !!
Caught this Dove silhouetted on this tree branch in the evening sun.
I keep watching this new birdhouse from the trip to the flea market a couple weeks ago but I haven't seen any takers yet !
G-son came to stay with us while his dad mowed their lawn and showed off his autographed cast.
He and Pawpaw were making great plans in the hammock.
We played hide and seek down in the woods in front of the house ,hiding behind the big trees down there. His full arm cast isn't slowing him down at all.
Dad came by and let him drive the mower back to the shed.
They stayed and had supper with us before heading home to spend a male bonding evening while mom is on a weekend trip with some friends.
The sun sparkled like a diamond in the clear blue sky this evening.
 After evening chores hubbie and I spent a restful evening.
On the news the bombing suspect still isn't able to talk and is in serious but stable condition. It appears as if he tried to take his own life while in hiding yesterday by cuts on his arms and throat.
Thankful tonight for all the beauty God has provided for our pleasure.
Each time I look at one of these little colorful birds or the beautiful blooms and see all the small details of the markings on them I am humbled by His love for each little thing He created.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

Enjoyed every picture of God's gifts to us! We are bird lovers too and when the hummers came, I was a happy camper! Have filled the other feeders and look forward to them as well. We have an open produce market and go there about once a week to check out the good fresh veggies. We cannot garden ourselves any longer, so that is the next best thing. Have a blessed Sunday.

Gail said...

Great pictures. I too hope the cold holds off since all our fruit trees are loaded. Even our fig bushes are lined with baby figs...makes me wonder about next winter.